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Contact person: Juan Pedro Cano

Avda. de Europa 2, Alcobendas, Madrid

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7Worlds Events & Congresses

7Worlds = The Emotions Agency. We imagine, design, and feel together with you the excitement of each event, conference, travel, or incentive. Our mission is to create together through DIFFERENTIATION, EMOTION, and EXPERIENCE that accompanies us in each project we carry out.

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Our core is the corporate event, conducted for product updates and launches; to train and motivate clients or sales forces; or conventions, kickoffs, and offsites for team management. All of this in a face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid event format. A fundamental point is that we are, in addition to an events agency, an IATA travel agency, thus being able to offer a 360-degree service to our clients.

What makes us different is the TEAM we have to offer that 360 service at events. Also, the care, involvement, responsiveness, and attention to detail that we put into every request we receive, whether it’s for a meeting of 10 people or an event with 1,500 participants. Thanks to the team’s experience, we always anticipate any unforeseen circumstances to cover the global demands of an event, placing special emphasis on the care we take in the logistics prior to the event and the attention to participants.

Our 7 worlds of services: Conventions and Congresses, Unique Events, Virtual Events, Business Travel, Training, Incentives, Marketing, and Communication. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Product Launch Training for BMW for the past 5 years. European press launch of the Suzuki Swift Sport in Marbella with more than 500 guests from 9 countries over a week of back-to-back events. European launch for press and dealers from all over Europe of the new BMW Motorrad models in Malaga. GSK Development Week where year after year we focus on the personal and professional growth of more than 800 GSK Spain employees with speakers like Ara Malikian, Carlos Sainz, Fred Kofman, Quique Dacosta, etc. INDRA entrusts us with their «Inspiration Fest», EIT Digital Graduation Day, numerous virtual events made during the pandemic, and many more.

International launch of the new BMW R 1300 GS with a back to back with 1,500 attendees from 35 countries. 360º service of accommodation, transfers, logistics, F&B, routes, filming of more than 160 motorcycles, workshops, design, communication, scenography, decoration, AV…

CIONE entrusted us with their 50th anniversary party. A spectacular display in Platea Madrid full of performances and surprises with the great showman David Ordinas. A memorable gastronomic experience and a celebratory atmosphere made this event a success.

For us, each event is unique, and we are proud of all of them, but this year 2023 we are especially proud of the Product Launch Training (PLT) of the new BMW R 1300 GS.

An event that we have carried out in Malaga during the months of October and November. This global meeting has attracted professionals from over 35 countries, presenting the new member of the GS family of BMW Motorrad in an unparalleled setting.


From selecting the magnificent Higuerón Resort Hotel in Fuengirola as the central venue, we have orchestrated every detail of the event to offer a unique experience to the more than 1,500 attendees from all over Europe. From top-tier accommodation to exciting workshops, our meticulous approach has sought to reflect the excellence and passion that characterize BMW Motorrad.

Imagine a fleet of 161 motorcycles traversing impressive on-road routes and challenging off-road terrains at the magnificent Caterpillar Inc. demonstration center. The logistical complexity has been astonishing, but thanks to the rigorous work of our team, we have overcome each challenge to offer a unique launch experience.

We have carried out a personalized communication plan in the 16 groups from different countries, providing all the information related to the event and sending daily newsletters to the 1500 participants. Managing the transfers of each attendee during the event has also been an integral part of our services.

Additionally, throughout all the workshops and routes, our dedicated team of hosts/hostesses has worked tirelessly to guarantee an exceptional experience for each participant.The design and production of the entire graphic image of the event, as well as the detailed customization of spaces, hotel, staging, audiovisuals, etc., have been carefully managed by our creative team, adding a distinctive touch to each aspect of the event.

The catering part has been another highlighted facet, from the gala dinner to the farewell at the incredible Infinity Pool as a golden finish for each group’s event closure. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every detail, creating memorable moments for all attendees.

This event represents more than a product presentation; it is the culmination of months of dedication and effort to create an unforgettable experience. At 7Worlds, we are proud to have been a fundamental part of creating this global event, demonstrating once again our commitment to excellence and the delivery of services that go beyond expectations. This is just one example of our dedicated and passionate approach to providing world-class events. We are excited about what the future holds and to continue offering services that make a difference!

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Entrevista al CEO

Conoce 7Worlds, the Emotions Agency

Meet 7Worlds, the Agency of Emotions

Paqui Atochero, CEO - Director of Events and Congresses

1. What makes you different?

We are distinguished by our team, our passion and our ability to offer a 360º service, accompanying our clients in all the necessary areas, from the moment we receive their request until the event is closed. The key is love, dedication and attention to detail in every project, no matter if it is a small meeting or a big event. We are up to date with the latest trends, spaces and innovations in the sector, focusing on personalizing each event from the emotions. Our team is always ready to tackle any situation, emphasizing strategy, creativity, logistics and attention during the event. There are few things we like more than receiving a brief and getting down to work.

2. What kind of events do you specialize in?

We specialize in corporate events, product launches, incentives, customer experiences, training, conventions and congresses. We offer face-to-face, virtual and hybrid event formats. In addition, as an IATA-certified travel agency, we provide a comprehensive and complete service to our clients, which makes us especially competitive and executive.

3.What are the most important events you have organized?

2023 has been magnificent, in addition to countless congresses, conventions, and meetings, this year we organized the International PLT (Product Launch Training) of the new BMW R 1300 GS in Malaga, with more than 1,500 attendees from 35 countries. The entire BMW Motorrad sales force in Europe enjoyed a spectacular experience that mixed training, product testing and fun. We also highlight Cione with its 50th anniversary in Espacio Platea Madrid; EIT Digital, with its International Graduation Day in which we made magic by creating a spectacular space; Pharma events with Nutricia; GSK with its Development Week and INDRA’s Inspiration Fest to which we brought speakers of the highest level. And we are already preparing proposals that will not leave anyone indifferent, exploring new areas such as the luxury sector.