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Contact person: Juan Gragera

Francesc Macià, 5, entl., Barcelona

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Both People & Comms

Both People & Comms

We connect people. We humanise organisations. We transform for positive impact.

We create content and experiences to connect people. We help people think differently by connecting them to inspiring worlds such as art and culture, science, art and technology, digital culture and creativity.
We are about building bridges, not walls. We help leaders not to be judges, but agents of change, to listen with empathy.
We build common ground to help people connect to themselves, to each other, to a cause or to an organisation.

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We approach our services by integrating the different aspects that influence change management within any organisation’s transformation: strategic vision and purpose, organisational structure, leadership and culture, communication and change narrative, listening and co-construction, recognition and sustainability of change.

Corporate and institutional communication

We start from the analysis, create strategies, design creative solutions, develop communication plans and execute communication actions in different channels and media.

Purpose & sustainability

At Both People & Comms, we have been committed to social responsibility for more than 20 years. We enable organisations to have a positive impact on a wide range of people and groups.

We facilitated the change of location and way of working with a previous internal communication campaign until the grand opening: a documentary about its history and its project, live music, flavors from the 4 places of the SIMON world, photos, make-up, etc.

Barcelona offers a party in the gardens of the Palauet Albéniz decorated with great international characters of Catalan origin, Catalan singers and Catalan flavor in the catering: the “Night of the Stars”. A tightrope walker in the heights concludes.

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Entrevista al CEO

Both People & Comms - Eventos con Propósito

Events with Purpose

Juan Gragera, Director of the Events Area

After 30 years in this sector and having worked for several communication agencies of reference in the country, with very different points of view, I believe that my natural place is BOTH, PEOPLE & COMMS because its axis is what has always seemed to me the most relevant in events: people.
Our very name is a definition of our essence: communication and people don’t work without each other: BOTH, People & Comms. Our events focus on people, on their needs, on their feelings, on their life, not just their work life. Because well-being, inclusion or the health of the planet around us are not only important in working life, but in general. A BOTH event is not only a succession of situations and elements more or less attractive and organized, but it is an experience lived as a collective that should be aimed at the reason and the heart.
People are not only an accumulation of knowledge or situations lived, but all this is always wrapped in character, in feelings.
When we place “the person” at the center, we understand communication as an exchange impregnated with values, not only with data.

For all these reasons we have managed to define our global purpose with a single word: “Engagement”; we are an engagement agency and engagement consultancy, a concept that brings together many meanings and is therefore applicable to many relationships: “engagement” with customers, with brands, with attendees, with the planet, between people.

We live in constant change, in which only relevant organizations and brands survive. At Both, we create memorable experiences that generate trust, emotional connection and meaning. We offer 360º solutions, from content creation, the entire planning process, production and technical secretariat to strategic communication on and offline.

We do not only work for the client, but together with the client: “Engagement”. That is BOTH.