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El Baúl de las Piqué

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Contact person: Henar Postigo

C/ Marqués de Monteagudo nº 20 – Loft 1, Madrid

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El Baúl de las Piqué

More than a million hours directing and producing advertising, events and communication campaigns for large companies and institutions, together with a small (and tough) structure, allow us to be versatile and competitive in all disciplines of the marketing, advertising and events environment.

Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 1
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 2
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 3
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 4
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 1
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 2
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 3
Photo of El Baúl de las Piqué 4

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At El Baúl de las Piqué we are specialists in problematic briefings.
Strategy, conceptualization and idea landing.
We bring all kinds of projects to life.


We have plenty of stubbornness.

Try us without any commitment and we assure you that you will end up singing like the great Concha Piquer did:
“My grief is over.
My grief is over,
El Baúl knocked on my door
and I gave him my heart”.

Launch Gentleman Society /Givenchy/LVMH

Fragrance Brands. Sensory experience that captivated 120 guests, influencers and specialized press. Location and implementation of a disruptive and immersive decorative project in the universe of the new scent.

Presentation of Planes Trade 2024/Fragrance Brands/LVMH

An exceptional event thanks to the creativity of Givenchy and Kenzo’s ephemeral architecture projects at Planes Trade. Aesthetic extravagance, but also a sustainable approach.

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Entrevista al CEO

Así son las Piqué

This is what Las Piqué are like

Bárbara Fraguas Grande, Founder & CEOO

What makes you different? What kind of events are your core?
I don’t know if we are different or not, we don’t care if we are. What is for sure is that we are fascinated by stories, we are Storytellers. We are folklore of the 21st century and we feed on our roots, we love to explore even the most hidden corners of people. Because this is what our profession is all about… discovering, moving and astonishing people. We don’t sell motorcycles, we tell them. We are associated with projects and clients in the beauty and luxury sector. That said, as long as there are stories to tell… any brand, sector or industry, will be welcome at our house.

Your way of seeing, managing, reinventing the relationship with the client?
We believe that the relationship with people is the key to a good result. A very graphic example to understand this concept: El Baúl de Las Piqué is like an atelier of tailor-made projects, the more we know our customers, the better results we get. If a tailor did not know the day-to-day life of his customers, he would not be able to get the exact size, the looseness and the darts right. A tailor-made suit is worked 100% from the exploration, closeness and care.

What atypical profiles do you have that give you a differential added value?
El Baúl is a creative atelier, a laboratory of ideas composed by -ists in general (publicists, journalists, sportsmen, scriptwriters…) in love with transmedia storytelling.

An event with you is…?
An easy story, a story of “…and they ate partridges”. We make your life easy. We love what we do and we do our best to enjoy it.

What aspects of today’s society, or of the attendees, do you especially keep in mind?
The WHO is our cornerstone. We are interested in knowing what concerns them, what excites them, what moves them… We study our clients, our attendees, in great depth. We create around people.