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Exclama Comunicación

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Contact person: Gonzalo Lanza

C/ Gerda Taro 1 bis, Madrid

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Exclama Comunicación

Exclama Comunicación

The Events and Experiences Department stands out for combining experience with the desire to learn, knowledge with restlessness, adaptation with needs and, above all, it focuses on always responding to the needs of clients in an efficient, differential and creative way. We must have an impact on the defined stakeholders, we must achieve the objectives based on the established KPIs and, therefore, achieve high results through ROX.

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Photo of Exclama Comunicación 1
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Photo of Exclama Comunicación 3
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NEINOR. Diseño y producción de stand para Neinor en la feria SIMA.

CLIMALIT. Organización de su convención en Toledo con un programa de dos días que aunó la parte profesional con acciones como la apertura de monumentos en exclusiva o el desarrollo de talleres.

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Entrevista al CEO

Exclama-entrevista-GONZALO LANZA

Empathy for more productive creativity

Gonzalo Lanza, Events Division Director

We are Exclama. Empathetic, committed, curious, close, experienced and passionate. For more than 20 years we have been turning every challenge into an opportunity, we bring order to chaos, adding goals and multiplying results.
An independent agency with an integrated structure in 3 specialized divisions: strategy/creativity, digital marketing and events. This combination fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, facilitating the creation of global and multidisciplinary solutions, fundamental to ensure innovation and success in meeting objectives.
We have evolved in an organic way, responding to the demands of the sector and the needs of our clients, to the point where we are already shaping what will be our 4th division: LabIA.
Due to the nature of our clients, B2B and B2C corporate events are our core. Always providing solutions and differentiating alternatives.
2023 was a year full of achievements, due to the incorporation of major accounts and the actions carried out at international level (Dubai, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Budapest, Washington…).
We have established strong collaborative relationships with our customers. The projects we take on require not only a deep understanding, but also a constant exchange of ideas and a joint work that goes beyond the typical client-supplier dynamic. We create relationships in which we are seen as a strategic partner that plays a crucial role in your success.
Diversity is the foundation of our capabilities, proposals and staging. We have specialized teams in each area, allowing us to offer unique approaches and solutions.
We have a dual purpose. Internally, we want to create an agency that employees are proud to be part of, where skills development is encouraged and people’s well-being is taken into account. Externally, we are dedicated to developing impactful solutions that create new possibilities.