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Grupo Medeland

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Contact person: Gustavo Guillén

C/ Quintana, 29 5ºIzq., Madrid , Madrid

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Grupo Medeland

Grupo Medeland

We are a company capable of organising sporting, cultural, corporate and even solidarity experiences. We love challenges and working directly with clients with the aim of taking away their worries and giving them satisfaction, shall we talk?

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At Grupo Medeland we love a challenge. We can work in the world of sport, culture, solidarity and corporate projects. We love to be with our clients from start to finish, because that’s how you get the best results. We are an agency that understands working hand in hand with the client to take away their worries and give them satisfaction.

Make things happen. A concept, an idea, a sketch, we take it to the real world. People live it, they enjoy it, it’s a brand experience that becomes an emotion.

But at Grupo Medeland we do not stop there. Everything that happens around an experience or activation is part of our work. If the experience also needs a greater impact, with a digital or conventional campaign, we can also take care of that for you.

Cintra Rocks, evento corporativo de Ferrovial, unió dos fincas: enseñamos a 200 directivos a cantar y tocar, culminando en un coro gospel. En la otra, recreamos un festival de música con bandas, stands y comida. Este hito nos consolidó como agencia de alto nivel.

Los Juegos para la Integración un proyecto de RSC que nos posiciona como agencia experta en llevar el deporte discapacitado a la calle a través de la instalación de pistas polideportivas para la practica de deportes con discapacidad para todo el público.

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Entrevista al CEO

Medeland Events. 15 años de creación y organización de eventos

Medeland Events. 15 years of creation and organization of events

Rafael Flores - Co-founder

Our distinction lies in customer service, with personalized attention from the planning to the execution of the event. We stand out for our closeness, empathy and quick resolution of needs, generating confidence in our clients, many of whom have been with us since the beginning of Medeland 15 years ago.
We specialize in corporate events, offering a comprehensive service from concept to production. We are integrated as part of the organization in large projects, managing the official transport for La Vuelta, Davis Cup or Mutua Madrid Open. We carry out around 30 congresses per year, standing out in events focused on environmental awareness and inclusive sports, positively valued in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Among our milestones is the creation of the Wellness Congresses in times of crisis, in collaboration with Cadena Ser, which we hold annually with success and constant participation of speakers and attendees.
Our management philosophy is based on being a traveling companion for our clients, prioritizing the success of their events over our own benefit and guaranteeing immediate solutions to any setback.
We have a diverse and multidisciplinary team that brings a variety of skills, allowing us to offer innovative and effective solutions.
An event with us is an unforgettable experience, where we are committed to exceeding expectations and making everything easy for our clients.
We consider aspects such as diversity, inclusion and sustainability in our events, ensuring accessibility for all and promoting responsible practices.