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Grupo RIC – (Reunions i Ciència)

Organise your event with Grupo RIC – (Reunions i Ciència)

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Contact person: Rafel Peris

Avinguda Diagonal, 511, Barcelona

We help you to organise your event in España

Grupo RIC

DMC,OPC and in-person and virtual events agency for 30 years.
Team with great experience to propose ideas, new formats and who will ensure the details and viability of the project. From Webinars to 3D events, experts in governance beyond technology.

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Photo of Grupo RIC – (Reunions i Ciència) 1
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Grupo RIC

We have created events with minimal resources and an amazing success rate.

Professional OPC Congress Organizers based in Barcelona and Madrid. Specialized in the creation of events and organization of conferences since 1989. In addition, we have a travel agency service, an online training platform and we deal with the management of scientific societies. We accompany the organizers at all times, we are in charge of making a tailored proposal and we ensure the economic viability of the project. We take maximum care of the details and carefully attend to the attendees, so that clients can dedicate themselves to the content and attention to their collaborators. We create custom formats so that each event is a unique experience.

This year 2020 has given us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and create events that are totally different from what we are used to. From March 2020 until now we have carried out more than 20 webinars and online courses. We have connected more than 10,000 people from all over the world and all without the need to travel from our homes. Webinars, web-APPS, 3D events… we also offer an event management service so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The 3rd UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education brought together more than 3,000 people interested in defining a roadmap for a new era of higher education. We were in charge of global coordination, conference design, expo and networking.

The Avedis Donabedian Foundation celebrates the Quality Awards in healthcare institutions for those institutions that have a quality plan as a path to excellence and that can demonstrate the results achieved in terms of healthcare improvement.

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Entrevista al CEO

Meetings with care

Meetings with care

Valentina Coppola - Directora de comunicación & New Business

In 2024, we will commemorate 35 years as an agency specialized in the organization of congresses, standing out for making our clients’ dreams come true.
We focus on the planning, coordination and comprehensive management of events that bring knowledge and value to society, from the conception of the idea to the execution and management of the events, taking care of every detail.
Although we are specialists in the field of health, we also work in sectors such as technology, artificial intelligence, nutrition, wellness, education and architecture.
Our methodology is based on generating synergies with clients to balance the desired message with the commitment to the audience, without neglecting the economic perspective.
Our added value lies in advising the client in the planning of the event, supervising each phase, establishing timelines to ensure a smooth development and negotiating with reliable suppliers to obtain optimal rates.
As pioneers, we have the BIOSPHERE certification in Barcelona, demonstrating our commitment to tourism sustainability, promoting practices that respect the environment, culture and the social and economic impact of the host city.
We encourage the measurement and offsetting of our attendees’ carbon footprint, offering venues accessible by public transportation and energy saving measures. We strive for effective inclusion, facilitating the participation of all groups in our conferences.
We collaborate with companies that support the integration of people with functional diversity and ensure that catering services use km0 products.
At each event, we seek to exceed expectations and leave a mark on the attendees, considering each congress as an opportunity for growth and learning for both participants and ourselves. We are passionate about excellence in our work and innovate continuously.
We encourage diversity, inclusion and collaborative work to achieve exceptional results. Our purpose is to continue growing, expanding our frontiers and opening ourselves to new opportunities.