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Contact person: Marta Odériz

Vía de las Dos Castillas, 7, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

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Kubalu Events Event Agency We are young, we have fresh and original ideas and we are here to turn your idea into a «wow» project that will catch everyone’s attention and make a difference.

Founding year: 2015

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At Kubalu Events we turn the standards around to take your event as far as possible. With our years of experience and the continuous training and updating of our team we have all the tools to develop your idea.
We are experts in preparing disruptive proposals and we know how to carry them out internally allowing high cost savings.
We take care of shaping your idea and accompany you from start to finish. We have come to save you worries and win in fun.
We arrive with the proposal where you ask us, we make it a reality and let the party begin!… We assure you that the music will continue to play days later.

“I couldn’t say goodbye without sending you a huge THANK YOU for all your support, patience, resilience and creativity in organizing this event with us. As you’ve seen from the feedback, people loved the event. so it was a huge success! On a more personal note, I really enjoyed working with you – it was a pleasure having you as partners to bring this event to life.” UBER «I can summarize my feedback in one word: EXCITEMENT. Thank you for having guided, organized and accompanied us in this experience.» JULIUS BÄR

McDonald’s Christmas event held for all employees of the company in a farm 15 minutes from Madrid. Catering, entertainment and decoration made to measure. Uber International event for Uber of more than 16 hours. Speeches, external speakers and party for the company’s employees. Citibank Celebration of Citibank’s anniversary with clients and employees of the Madrid office. Mercedes Benz Presentation of the new GLC model to clients and employees of the new MBL Centro dealership merger. ALD Christmas event with awards ceremony and show in Wah for 500 people. ITP Aero We organized an Open Day in one of their warehouses for their 50th anniversary which was attended by more than 1,900 people. Aldi Presentation of products and reports to the press (fresh produce, toys, Christmas Special…). Naturgy Organization of the annual Naturgy Foundation awards for the best social proposal. We organize all ALDI Supermarkets product presentation events, with the attendance of some of the most recognized media in Spain. media in Spain. Seeking to enhance the brand values in each of our actions. Naturgy’s annual gala to present awards for the best initiative in the energy field, supported by an audiovisual exhibition, where we presented the projects presented through touch screens. Ángel Expósito was the event’s presenter.  

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Entrevista al CEO

"We go crazy to get the best results."

Marta Odériz Balaguer, CEO

Kubalu Events was born from the hand of Marta Odériz in 2015. Born in Pamplona in 1990, she is part of a generation that has had to make its way in complex conditions. Graduated from ICADE in 2013, she found her place in the audit area of PwC, where she would work for three years. But her dream was always to set up her own company. In 2015, the opportunity arose to found the events agency, which was soon characterized as a young, dynamic company, expert in preparing disruptive proposals and carrying them out internally, allowing high cost savings. Kubalu had to carve out a niche for itself among large agencies, but since 2019 it has gone on to work for companies such as McDonalds, Uber, Mercedes Benz or Naturgy. It differs from other agencies in that it is a boutique agency that carries out everything from large events, congresses and fairs, to small experiential events. No matter what the event is, in all of them the whole team uses its maximum creativity, originality and quality to provide a different service that attracts attention and achieves that «wow» effect that all clients are looking for. We know that the client who organizes an event wants to offer a unique experience to his guests. And we work hand in hand with our clients to make it happen, according to each budget. Under this premise, something that especially satisfies us, is that in many occasions our clients are referenced. We have a team composed of creatives, graphic designers, scenographers, logistics staff, as well as the best technology providers, which allows us to go crazy and achieve any result. Kubalu Events is here to stay, it has a young team with fresh ideas, but always providing the highest quality. Will it be the agency that organizes your next event?