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Contact person: Pablo Pedrosa Jimenez

Calle Pz. Matute, 10, Madrid

We help you to organise your event in Madrid


LIRA is a creative agency with experience in the production and design of any type of event and / or communication project. Our organization, production and logistics services cover projects throughout Europe. We were born from the word of mouth of our customers, now we are here to help you in your objectives and achieve your goals.

Founding year: 2018

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We are known for having a close and professional team at the same time, we polish and control the production process, we will provide you with creative ideas and we will accompany your team at the foot of the canyon.

  • Digital natives
  • Demand for results
  • Shared objectives
  • Agility of response
  • Problem-solving capacity
  • Definition and monitoring of KPIs
  • Strategic planning
  • We do what we like

“Global Mobility Call 2023 Gala Dinner”
Decoration design, scenography execution and audiovisual production for the gala dinner on the occasion of the opening of the international fair. We gave the special touch with a 2 meter hydrangea structure.

“Brava Madrid 2023 Festival”
We were part of the first edition of the Brava Madrid festival, assuming a fundamental role in the production and artistic direction of animation of the festival. Leading the casting, as well as the costumes to create the perfect theme.

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Entrevista al CEO

Somos los “bomberos” del mundo de los eventos

We are the "firemen" of the event world

Pablo Pedrosa, CEO

What is Lira? What are Lira’s main services?

Lira is an agency and production company that has been forged from scratch. Each success we have experienced hand in hand with our clients has been a stepping stone to the position we are in today. We specialize in event production, art direction, unimaginable merchandising and creative consulting. Our approach has always been to adapt and evolve with the changing needs of our clients, always seeking their objectives in the end result.

How do you interact with your clients during the creative process to ensure that their objectives are fully integrated into the final result?

Comunicación directa, transparente y honesta. Directa, en el mundo de los eventos, cada minuto cuenta, más si se trata de imprevistos. Transparente, sabemos lo importante que es conocer la dirección hacia la que apuntamos. Actuamos como socio estratégico, compartiendo información clave para ir en la misma sintonía. Y por último, honesta. Nuestra responsabilidad como agencia se construye sobre la sinceridad en cada interacción, desde la planificación hasta la ejecución del evento.

What differentiates Lira from other agencies?

We don’t care to know the difference, but we know our ability to manage events quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing the proposal of any request in less than a week. In many ways, we consider ourselves the ‘firefighters’ of the event world, as we are experts at putting out multiple fires and solving challenges with good results. We are a boutique, client-focused agency. We put all our energy and impetus to any request, betting on peculiar ideas and alternatives.

What have been the milestones in 2023?

To carry out an institutional event with the Royal House as guests. Entering the world of festivals with a characterization team of more than 50 people. To achieve 40 artistic events with more than 60 creative themes of our own. Design and produce technical sportswear as merchandising for more than 4,000 paddle tennis players.