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Momentum Spain

It's what brands do that matters

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Contact person: Marta Diaz

C/ de Enrique Jardiel Poncela, 6, Madrid

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Welcome to Momentum Spain, the experiential agency of the IPG Sports and Eterntainment group based in Madrid and a member of the Momentum Worldwide global network of agencies. We firmly believe that what matters is not what brands say, but what they do. That’s why we design meaningful, disruptive, unique and unforgettable experiences.

We do this through strategic consulting and by nurturing creative ideas with data, analysis and the latest market trends. We work in an integrated way with all offices around the world, with global expertise and deep local knowledge. We integrate all our capabilities (Sponsorships, Retail, Shopper, Omnicommerce, Digital, Social Media, PR and Influencers and Experiential Marketing) to create «The Total Brand Experience».

We bring incredible brands to life by relying on creative disruption to be relevant and relying on data and strategic planning to be consistent and effective.

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To raise awareness about electric mobility, Momentum and Repsol managed to produce sustainable energy in an innovative way at music festivals. While attendees sang, with their voice they generated energy to charge hybrid or electric cars.

With Coke Studio™ we managed to connect with some of the passions of Generation Z: music, creativity and technology. Thanks to the first generative AI studio, festival-goers were able to create their own tracks and share them on a personalized website.

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Entrevista al CEO

MOMENTUM-entrevista-Foto Begoña Iglesias - CEO Momentum

"The important thing is not what brands say, but what they do."

Begoña Iglesias, CEO Momentum Spain

At Momentum we believe that what matters is not what brands say, but what they do. In that truth, our role is to create experiences that generate real and lasting connections between brands and consumers. It is about making the purpose and values of a brand tangible and real by creating the perfect environment for that interaction to take place.
Belonging to a global network provides us with strategic tools that allow us to develop proposals based on truth and data. In this sense, Momentum’s WE KNOW is a series of global research studies that we develop through our worldwide network of agencies that analyze consumer opinions, knowledge and behavior on trends and categories and how they impact brands’ ability to connect. Through a deep understanding of consumer and environmental realities, we are able to offer our clients a combination of creative and precise means to generate phygital experiences that drive sustainable growth for brands, while motivating and engaging consumers.
In the experiential field, the presence of an agency like ours is essential. We have a wide diversity of profiles, from creative and strategic to experts in data analysis and management, specialists in sponsorship, music and entertainment, media and social media professionals, production management and customer service. This variety of skills allows us to effectively integrate and coordinate the necessary profiles, creating a customized work ecosystem for each client.
In addition, we work with the main purpose of respect in all areas. As a global company, we know that the decisions we make today will decide the world we live in tomorrow. Everything we do matters to make a cleaner, more sustainable future.