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Contact person: Chelo Suarez

Casa Zayas Calle Santa Paula, 5, , Granada , Granada

We help you to organise your event in Granada

Welcome to Novum Eventos, your leading company in event organisation, protocol and institutional relations.

Where excellence in protocol and management transforms every event into an unforgettable experience.

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Novum Eventos is the leading company in protocol and event management.

We are your trusted events agency in Granada, we offer you a comprehensive management and impeccable protocol to make your event a success.

  • Events with style
  • Structured events
  • Personalised events
  • Themed events
  • Technologically advanced
  • Specialised protocols
  • Sustainable events
  • Unique and unforgettable events

Design and execution of the Social Program for accompanying persons of the European Political Community Summit held in Granada.

Planning and development of the presentation of the “Granada Music Hub” brand in Madrid, an initiative of the Granada Provincial Tourism Board of the Granada Provincial Council.

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Entrevista al CEO

Novum Eventos: de la idea a la experiencia única

Novum Eventos: from the idea to the unique experience

Chelo Suárez, Manager and Sandra Pérez, Event Coordinator

NOVUM EVENTOS was born in the heart of the International School of Protocol of Granada who, after a long history of training professionals in the field of management and organization of events, protocol, communication and institutional relations, was involved in the organization of major events in Granada and Andalusia to become the reference company in the sector.

We understand the organization of events as a communication vehicle. The knowledge of certain codes of conduct and the appropriate forms of relationship with other organizations contribute to consolidate a positive internal and external image of institutions and companies.

What types of events are your core business?
We stand out as specialists in the organization of corporate events involving both public and private agents. We start all projects with a very long phase of active listening and from there, we design tailor-made solutions. Flexibility is key to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions in such a changing and dynamic world as the events sector.

What makes you different?
The commitment to excellence of our team, without a doubt. We have a team of professionals with specialized training in protocol, events and institutional relations who know the environment and the public and private actors. For us it is very important to understand the dynamics in order to create events that facilitate connections and fruitful collaborations between both sectors of society.