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Contact person: Manuel Radós

P.º de la Castellana, 178, 28046 Madrid, Madrid

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Planta 18

We create unforgettable experiences, making each event a striking and original moment. Corporate events, product launches, congresses…

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Planta 18 is a company specialised in the execution of Experience Marketing actions. That is to say, proximity marketing, face to face marketing. Our main mission is to turn customers into fans. We work on Events, Point of Sales Activations, Pop-up Store, RoadShows, Street Marketing, Corporate, Personnel Management, Design, Production… We give you a 360º service We provide: EXPERIENCE, TALENT, R&D, CREATIVITY, AND A LOT OF WORK AND EFFORT…Let’s talk? Experience Marketing is developing more and more, becoming more and more important day by day within global marketing plans. And it is undoubtedly because experience marketing is the way to obtain the best return on investment. Experience Marketing includes the well-known street marketing actions (events in shopping centres, in the street, at a concert… but also conventions or congresses, participation in a trade fair or product launch actions) and, fundamentally, everything related to the point of sale (furniture, decorations, activities, promoters, training of retail employees…).

Dior Winning Together – Iberia Convention 2023
Three days of convention in Lisbon (turnkey), with the aim of strengthening the ties between Spain and Portugal. Also, to celebrate all that has been achieved and to set new challenges for next year. Transmitting Dior values.

Wrapped – Spotify campaign launch.
Creativity, production and coordination. Performances by Lorena Castell and Vicco, for more than a hundred influencers.

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Entrevista al CEO

Comenzamos con una estrategia, acabamos con una experiencia

We start with a strategy, end with an experience.

Estela Romero, General Manager

What makes you different?
Planta 18 is a reference agency in the sector. We were the first agency in Spain to coin the term “experience marketing” as our own claim. And we still keep it. We are in one of the best (if not the best) stages of the agency. It was one of our challenges and we have achieved it. To excite clients and our team. We have also strengthened our way of working, of presenting. All of this under the concept that has permeated the agency for the last year: ESTRATEXPERIENCE. A new approach with which we feel comfortable. In which strategy is not just an initial step, but the vital foundation to create the best possible experience, carefully designed and aligned with the objectives.

What kind of events are your core?
We have an all-terrain team. Seasoned in a thousand battles. With proven experience. Something that is increasingly difficult to find. For that reason, we can implement any type of event: conventions, product presentations, stands, roadshows, street marketing, etc. We are comfortable with everything. Planta 18 is a brave agency. Not only when it comes to implementing, but also when it comes to presenting our work. That’s where it all starts.

Cases that have been a milestone in your agency?
The main one is still the same: maintaining the loyalty of our clients for such a long time. There are clients who have been with us for more than 15 years. And that, in this sector, is a milestone. During the last year, we have also been able to work with new clients, reengage with others and gain more and more visibility in our sector. In terms of events, all of them are important, but I would highlight, once again this year, the Salesforce World Tour, which took place in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. Also, the Dior convention in Lisbon. And the events for Makro, ESIC, Nivea, Experian… And all the projects we have implemented outside our borders, which always represent a major challenge.

How do you see, manage and reinvent the relationship with the client?
We are what they see. The relationship is always very transparent. The people who manage the projects are there from the beginning to the end.