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Contact person: Ángel Retamar

Calle santa Leonor, 53, Madrid

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SOMOS Experiences

SOMOS Experiences

We are a group of event and strategic communication agencies that has been generating emotions for more than 30 years. Through them, we create unique experiences that connect brands with people. Although, in reality, we are much more.

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For the inauguration of the Google Safety Engineering Center in Málaga, SOMOS devised a cross-sectional experience with simultaneous activations, aimed at diverse audiences. The SOMOS teams collaborated synergistically on an event that stood out for its complexity.

Can you imagine creating a pop-up store in the heights? What if we also set a record? This is how we introduced the new model of the Audi Q8 e-tron Dakar edition, at 2,500 meters above sea level, capturing the attention of the curious attendees at the Baqueira Beret station.

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Entrevista al CEO

Tenemos el compromiso de dejar un legado en términos de sostenibilidad

Tenemos el compromiso de dejar un legado en términos de sostenibilidad

César González Perdiguero, CEO

What makes you different?

We differentiate ourselves by offering a global service. SOMOS is a communication group capable of undertaking any experiential marketing action, thanks to our strategic plan to diversify our proposal and specialization. All of this is backed by a great team.

Cases that have been a milestone in your agency?

Each project has given us the opportunity to grow. Fortunately, we have had many opportunities and in some cases, with recurring milestones. If we had to highlight one from the last year, it would be the inauguration of the Google GSEC in Málaga.

Your way of seeing, managing, and reinventing the relationship with the client?

In our teams, we implement our own methodology which allows us to maintain a transparent and trusting relationship with the client. This helps us to understand what they need and accompany them from ideation to execution, meeting expectations. We provide solutions for each goal, surprising them with creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

What atypical profiles do you have, which provide you with a differential added value?

In addition to the profiles of a communication and events group, we have departments that allow us to carry out any 360º production. All this is supported by corporate services in People, ESG, PRL, IT, Administration, and Finance, where we have incorporated a profile, essential for the analysis of projects and the study of their data.

An event with you is?

“Everything that is about to happen”. Creativity and passion for our work are one of our main values, which is why we pursue excellence in every project.

What aspects of current society do you take into account?

The world evolves rapidly, and our obligation is to be in constant search of innovation, in the broad sense of the word. From a technological, environmental, material, or safety perspective, even in the way of communicating it.

We are in the era of purpose. Yours?

At SOMOS, we are committed to leaving a legacy in terms of sustainability, working towards a better, more inclusive, and equitable future that positively impacts future generations.

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