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Contact person: Imaru Aledo

Hernández Rubín 7, Madrid

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We are TriplePletina

TriplePletina is the brainchild of the co-founders of the Tomavistas Festival. TriplePletina is an agency designed to develop content and events related above all to music. We focus both on complete communication strategies for end clients and on value-added contributions to other agencies’ proposals, putting ourselves at the service of other companies as consultants for the conceptualisation and production of events, content or global strategies related to innovation, entertainment and, above all, music.

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We are TriplePletina. Music Branding and Creative Production Agency for the development of content and events related to new trends and music.


01. Global conceptualisation of campaigns or events You give us a brief and we start thinking to develop a strategy for your campaign, or concept for your event, so everything will have a global sense and will be much more noticeable.

02. Music Branding We use music as a vehicle to generate interest around your brand, without being invasive, being friendly, being close through a relationship of affinity with the public and the message you want to convey. We create strategies based on different musical styles, platforms or artists, bringing you closer to the followers of the artist or musical style.

03. Creative production or event management We do not stop at simple production, we go further, if you already have a clear idea of the objectives of your event or an initial approach that you want to complete, we give it a twist, making an approach in which we can provide new items that make the event more complete. We provide content, decoration, different locations, new trends and any other crazy thing we can think of.

04. Production or adaptation of musical pieces for advertising content. We have a wide network of artists and composers to create one or more ad hoc pieces for your campaign or advertisement.

Festival Tomavistas: Conceptualizamos, licitamos, producimos, bookeamos y gestionamos los patrocinios del Festival Tomavistas desde 2014.

Honor: patrocinador de gira de Carolina Durante y Taburete. Selección artística, negociación del partnership, acuerdos con salas y festivales. Producción de activaciones de marca durante la gira y supervisión de campaña.

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Music Industry Experts

Willy G. Blesa Co-founder_Project Manager

At Triplepletina we use music as a vehicle to generate interest, identification and loyalty of people with brands. We create strategies based on diversity: different musical styles, different artists, tours, platforms or events, bringing their audiences closer to our clients.

We work with the entire musical spectrum, because when it comes to reaching people there is no limit to their tastes. Every audience connects with a style, an artist, a tour or an event and we are here to identify it.

We have contact with all the agents involved from an independent perspective, which allows us to have a broad vision without restrictions due to agreements with third parties or our own roster.

We do Music Branding: we create music strategies or choose the perfect music for your event. And production: we are experts in large event production and creative production.

Our goal is to make our clients’ lives easier: The music industry and advertising are two very similar worlds but with absolutely different language, timmigs and characteristics. The artists or musical events themselves are products in themselves, with their positioning, their values, their audiences. The proposed project has to be in tune with the artists or platforms for the match to work.

At Triplepletina we not only look for the union between brand and music through strategy or selection of the most ad hoc artist or platform, we manage everything from start to finish: phonographic rights, synchro, image, cachés, SGAE, contracts… We negotiate and manage the entire campaign giving follow up and we also take care of the creative, technical and artistic production.

An event with us sounds incredible, is perfectly staged and exciting.