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20-60-20: the curve of Twitts in events

20-60-20: the curve of Twitts in events

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Amiando, the online registration tool, published a study about the usage of Twitter before, during and after events. The study provides useful recommendations how planners can use these findings to make their events a success.

The firm collected more than 31,000 tweets posted by almost 10,000 Twitter users at ten different events worldwide and analysed it to provide findings and recommendations for planners.

How many participants tweet? The activity level of Twitter usage does not depend on the size of the event. The ratio of users that tweet about the event to event participants ranges from ten percent up to an impressive 800% (i.e. eight times as many people tweet about the event as there are participants). Talking about the viral dimension of events!

When do they tweet? 60% of all Twitter communication takes place while the event is being held. The remaining 40% split evenly before and after the event

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