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4 sustainability lessons from the award-winning events in Conventa

4 sustainability lessons from the award-winning events in Conventa

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What is ‘NetZero Events’, the international commitment of the MICE industry? What do ChatGPT and artificial intelligence for events mean? Companies still far from defining sustainability targets in MICE
By Paula Rey Anyone who is involved in the international market can notice that the Spanish market belongs to the "first-level" when you speak of quality, personality, aesthetics, reactivity and just, assistant experience. But one point at which we can have some complexes is the sustainability in events, today standard in many markets and still insufficiently applied here. Our latest market study pointed to sustainability as a pending issue, little determining in the requests. Precisely, we bring you today, from Ljubljana, lessons from the Coventa Best Event Awards, which included sustainability as a criterion in their valuations, in prizes whose jury was attended by José García Aguarod of Grupo eventoplus. Analyzing the awarded projects allows us to understand the typology of possible impacts. Yes, yes, impacts that you can integrate into your events! 

Impact 1: The sustainable teambuilding activity

Throw axes that empower the environment and yourself. Gamification has been a trend for a long time, although it is usually linked (incorrectly) with technology. However, “AX THROWING EUROPE – Sekiromet” returns to nature and origin. Europe’s largest ax launching center recovers a Slovenian tradition and uses unusable native wood, betting on its raw material with a policy of zero plastics, zero waste and pollution. Simultaneously up to 100 people will be able to release their frustrations with this activity in a context that extols and respects the natural environment.

Impact 2: fundraising and connection with local NGOs

Touch almost to the heart of the earth to value the past and the present. Too many times the cities of the congresses function as a parking space. But at the World Tunnel Congress 2019, engineers descended 40 meters below Naples and entered into sessions that, in addition to science, extolled Neapolitan archeology, architecture, and culture. The strong connection with destiny was established leaving a legacy: the Arché Foundation had its stand for fundraising and sponsorship. Also, for the first time, the excess food was donated to local charities after serving the dishes in biodegradable dishes. A must that in Spain is still forgotten.

Impact 3: analyze and reduce each polluting component of the event

Establish in the DNA changes necessary for the future. Northern Europe can teach us a lot at the level of meeting design, but also about sustainability. The European MPI Conference (EMEC 2019) had suppliers committed to the cause. Thus, without losing detail but limiting the impressions, screens and modular furniture they built the scenery. Biodegradable tableware and a recycled plastic water bottle as a gift to attendees, of course, without any wrapping paper. Mandatory public transport and even local assistants who were encouraged to pick up foreigners at the airport.

Impact 4: mobilize energies in a solidarity activity (related to the brand)

Sustainability made event: Run for the oceans. Adidas grabs the wand and does magic with the sport: run to save the oceans! A movement extended to several cities that have left a dollar for every kilometer traveled to the Parley Ocean School that fights marine plastic pollution. The local event in Prague, of course, as ecological as possible. From recycled ocean plastic t-shirts, corn starch biodegradable crockery and all the decoration with natural, local, recycled materials and … in addition to innovation! The inside of your milk carton does have a second life.

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