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6 Ways to increase exhibition productivity and profits by using the web

6 Ways to increase exhibition productivity and profits by using the web

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An online solution can enable potential exhibitors, attendees, the show manager and administrative staff to access the event through a single website. Here are 6 ways on how a web-based solution can help.

Before getting on to the technology platform, ensure that your target audience are technology savvy and thus are willing to go to the website to get information on your exhibition.

1) Exhibitor Prospectus & Exhibitor Kits: Save money by not printing the exhibitor prospectus or exhibitor kits but put the information online. If your exhibitors arenát all tech savvy, you can still download and print an attractive and economical copy from the website and fax or mail it to them.

2) Online Booth Sales
: By putting the process online, Fortenberry eliminated all the paper shuffling as well as the politics involved in assigning booth space. Exhibitors can see a real-time floor plan online, color-coded to show which booths are reserved, the company occupying each booth, and which booths remain open from which to choose. The entire selection process, from actual booth space selection, to making the request and making the payment online not only makes life easier for the show manager, but has give a good well-managed organisation to the exhibitors.

3) Invoicing
: Improve the time consuming process of querying, setting up each invoice, printing and preparing each for mail or fax. In a matter of clicks, you can select a group of exhibitors, create and email the invoices, along with all the necessary forms the exhibitor would need to make the payment.

4) Confirmations
: Mailing or faxing confirmations can be a thing of the past. After the exhibitors have registered online, you can generate the confirmations and send them electronically along with booth set-up instructions and a link to the online exhibitor kit, saving a significant amount of communications costs. Also, take this opportunity to get in a few reminders like the urgency of completing their online booth. An online program can also track every confirmation sent.

5) Creating the Printed Program
: No more re-keying exhibitor descriptions and contact information for the printed program. You can save preparation and editing time for the printed program by accessing all the information entered by exhibitors in their online booths, and download it to create accurate, timesaving files.

6) Increased Value for Exhibitors
: In addition to the time and money savings, you can enjoy the benefit of having the positive image associated with having innovative cost cutting and time saving technology. You can pass on this value to exhibitors by allowing each to set up an online booth, where they can enlighten members, promote their products and services and generate and manage leads all year.

With these 6 advantages, there are a few considerations to make:

1) Set up cost for an innovative online solution.

2) Learning time to use and get familiar with the program.

3) Communicating the web to the exhibitors and ensuring that instructions are clear in how exhibitors can give their information online.

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