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BRAND EXPERIENCE is solutions focused, not channel focused

BRAND EXPERIENCE is solutions focused, not channel focused

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The key to brand experiences is that objectives are viewed first, then creative solutions are generated to achieve those objectives, regardless of channel. Consumer event experiences. Hospitality experiences. Promotional experiences. Content experiences. Digital experiences. Sponsorship activations. Or a campaign that runs across social, digital and events (or more). Brand experiences immerse a target audience into a brand’s ethos regardless of channel. Brand experience is all about the emotive feeling derived from the experience, whether physical or digital. Media may be an element aimed at driving impressions and engagement around the experience, but brand experiences are not media-driven, rather supplemented by media whether via social influencer, digital, social, print or TVC.

Target audiences are motivated by their passions, whether for lifestyle interests, entertainment, culinary, sports, causes, etc. And we leverage those passions to ignite a desired action. Insights led, but focused on consumer passions and interests.

Brand experiences are about being authentic to a brand and the target consumer. “Talk with the fan, not at the fan.” Vital to a brand experience is authentic design, copy and user experience, whether online or offline to talk with that target audience around their passions.

A brand experience may or may not include video content. Whether video content is a component, brand experience is all about cross-channel authentic storytelling that drives a connection with the audience. But to us a brand experience is not creating TV commercials. For example, check out the Microsoft global campaign case study.

Ultimately, brand experience is a loose term for integrated marketing that focuses on passion-based insights to fuel creative solutions. In other words, provide your target audience with a cool, engaging experience on THEIR terms and you will earn their appreciation, trust and consideration. At least that’s what it means to us!

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What is Brand Experience

  1. The consumer response to the total interaction of the relationship between a consumer and brandin in-store and out-of-store environments. It incorporates sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral response to the brandLearn more in: Brand Experiences, Retail Scenarios, and Brand Images in the Fashion Industry
  2. Subjective consumer responses shown in response to brand-related stimuli. Learn more in: Enhancing Consumer-Brand Relationships Through Luxury Brand Experiences
  3. The sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses felt by customers when interacting with the brand. this experienceis part of the design and identity, packaging, communication, and brandenvironment. Learn more in: Middle Class Millennial Experiences in the Digital Market
  4. Defined as the client’s sensations, feelings, cognitions and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli. Learn more in: Brands and Stories in Ads: The Relationship Between Storytelling and Brand Distinctiveness
  5. Consumers’ cognitive, emotional, sensations, and behavioural responses induced by brand-related stimuli. Learn more in: Gamifying a Car’s Servicescape
  6. This concept is defined an overall experiencethat consumers have with a brandeither through behavioral responses, cognitions, feelings, and sensations evoked by a brand packaging, design, and identity. Learn more in: Narrative Adverting and Multi-Platform Storytelling: A Critical Review of Current Literature and Best Campaign Practices




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