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“Creative production” or how productivity and creativity go hand in hand

“Creative production” or how productivity and creativity go hand in hand

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Andrea Bouzas
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It's funny: when organizing an event, two elements that are always taken into consideration are creativity - essential to offer a new and memorable experience - and production, without which the creative idea could not be realized. If they are two essential points of any event, why aren't they often linked to each other? To better understand the importance of combining the two, we organized a discussion with TBC (agency), Varano Producciones (production company) and Elenco Audiovisión (supplier of audiovisual products).

Jorge del Toro, director of the events department at The Brand Concept (TBC); Raúl Valiente, project and event management director at Varano Producciones; and Ángel Justo, CEO of Elenco Audiovisión participated in this debate, organized in the Truss Room on June 19th.

“To create from reason” is how Jorge del Toro defines “creative production”, a concept that also involves at least three components within the value chain of the event: the agency, the production company and the supplier of audiovisual elements. Moreover, it is not that creative production is only made up of them, but that these actors should advocate the connection between all of them so that synergies arise and new ideas are obtained, considers Ángel Justo.

When to involve each of these players? According to TBC, this will depend on how each agency works, although they consider it fundamental that all the areas involved in the organization are present from minute 0. Once they can understand their needs, Varano (which is the production company they usually work with) comes into play: TBC explains to them what the client’s requirements are to work together.

“When we receive a definition and simplification of the briefing, we incorporate proposals even in the design part to maintain the concept proposed by the client, so that it doesn’t get lost little by little,” explains Raúl Valiente. “Once we have already landed, designed and defined the idea, and we check that the budget adapts, we sit down with the supplier. He receives something real, that is feasible and achievable.”

To get the maximum value to a company providing audiovisual elements and be truly involved in creative production, adds the CEO of Elenco Audiovision, the company must be in a constant process of R & D and proactivity. In addition to having all the necessary elements to offer quality services, Justo insists on the value that event services companies must offer by coming up with new ideas, imagining “how we can reach the advertiser, the agency, the production company…”

Can production be a source of creativity? For sure: being at the cutting edge of available solutions brings ideas. Knowing that screens can be mounted on automated arms like those in car factories, as Elenco did a few years ago, opens up new ideas; knowing that there are solutions for controlling the image by hand, that transparent screens can generate surprise when they light up suddenly… these are ways of contributing new ideas. It would be a pity if this knowledge (typical of production people) remains hidden until the creative department has done its job. Creative production is a way to leverage and optimize the knowledge needed to create the desired impact.

And this is just the beginning: event technology will play an important role at MED (Madrid Event Day), our major event dedicated to event production and technology (Teatro Goya, September 26). There, you will be able to meet technology companies and follow trainings and debates on this topic. More information at

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