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Grass Roots´ Nick Bender´s vision

Grass Roots´ Nick Bender´s vision

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They head BHA´s ranking of event agencies in Europe. Grass Roots has five activities which all revolve around the same idea: performance improvement.

The agency provides training, communication, measurement, rewards and events, which it combines in order to change the behaviour of the target in the direction desired by the client company. During their latest Meeting Industry Summit in London, we talked to Nick Bender, head of the agency´s event business.

Among others, Nick explains his vision of the future, in which large international groups such as his will co-exist with local players who will offer more specialised services. He also reassures us about the fact incentives are no longer a swear word, after the shame phase they went through. And he encourages us all to change the way we provide experiences to members of Generation Y, which are no longer excited about a luxury hotel with spa: it´s time to think creatively.

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