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How green was COP15?

How green was COP15?

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The climate conference was not perfect but is a great example of what to do when it comes to greening a conference. We talked to Jan-Christoph Napierski, head of sustainability about the green initiatives within the Copenhagen summit, an event which follows the BS8901 standard and which defined its sustainability policy with the help of MCI.

Sustainability: not at any cost! Danes are green, but not crazy: sustainability could not be more important than safety or than the results of the conference. The priorities were the following:
1. Safety
2. Results of the event, of the debates
3. Showcase of green technologies to stimulate their development
4. Sustainability of the event


What was done?

– More than 65% of food was organic and all the coffee was organic too. The water served was tapwater bottled onsite.

– 127 green cars and limos were imported from Germany. Interesting to hear from Jan-Christoph that importing them was CO2-costly, but was a way to help green technologies be used, seen, tried. This clearly follows objective 3 in the list above

– From the airport, delegates were encouraged to take public transport. All delegates got a free public transport pass. This also helped keep traffic limited during a large conference

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