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Internship opportunities: a challenge for today’s students

Internship opportunities: a challenge for today’s students

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Employment is undoubtedly a challenge in our industry and will remain so for quite a few months ahead. But besides losses of jobs and partial unemployment schemes (ERTE), there is another category of (semi) professionals much affected: student who are in a master and need an internship to validate their education, and can’t find it. One interesting initiative is that of the University of Westminster’s event management students, who propose a system of remote internship. A way to adapt in a business world in which remote working is still the norm, but also a way to offer their services internationally. And in Spain, tens of schools have student eager to learn and bring value. Shouldn’t you get one?

This topic is complicated, since taking interns to substitute real jobs is neither legal nor moral. And in the days of partial unemployment, this idea can be especially sensitive. But it is most likely that your company has specific activities or projects that you are not really doing today and where young talent can bring huge value. It will cost some coaching time (and don’t underestimate students ability to find solutions themselves), a clear definition of the student’s responsibilities, the type of feedback and support you will bring… and ideally some financial compensation. But even this, in a much-affected industry, has ceased to be a demand and is a nice-to-have. 

One interesting initiative comes from the UK: Students from the BA Tourism and Events Management and MA Event Design and Management courses are ready to help the industry. Students are looking for opportunities to apply the knowledge and experience they have gained during their studies. “They come with diverse talents, expertise, different languages and a passion to contribute to the events industry”, says the school. In 2020, 65 companies from 16 countries provided opportunities for future event professionals. “Whether you had planned to take on an intern previously, or are dealing with new challenges that could benefit from a unique skills set, consider taking on one of the students on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to help with your business. As true digital natives, they have gained first-hand experience on communicating and collaborating remotely and are keen to use their experiences and skills to get their careers started”. 

Students can help with social media and communications, help design and implement digital communication and engagement strategies, project-related tasks including scoping, data collection, analysis, documentation, create online presentations and proposals, tackle general administration and logistics tasks such as online speaker management, language translations in many languages and much more. Click here to request information.

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