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Jackie Mulligan brushes up her crystal ball and sees the future of our industry

Jackie Mulligan brushes up her crystal ball and sees the future of our industry

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 She is Principal Lecturer at The International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality in Leeds Metropolitan University. And she helps us in a critical task: thinking ahead. Reimagining the spaces, places and ways we meet will be the goal of this "tour and workshop on the move", based on the MPI "Future of Meetings" study. Imagine EIBTM 2030: What will be different? How will it evolve? And what might that mean for you?

So… what will happen in a 2030 meeting?

The meeting timeline will be much longer. Online the meeting designers could collaborate more with delegates to create the content, because meeting content will be increasingly driven by delegates.

I imagine the invitations will be very targeted as more personal information will be available, providing we all continue to share and share more. Of course that information might cost as our experts predicted a personal information economy growing. And those invitations will need to clearly highlight the What´s In It for Me (WIIFM?), benefits attuned to the needs of the invitee… because the data will be there.

Increasingly sophisticated data systems will enable us to collect information about the delegate experiences at previous meetings too so we will have data which our delegates will expect us to use effectively to enhance their experiences.

From that initial welcome “Hi, good to see you again, that speaker you liked so much last autumn is back… and we have a few people here who would like to meet you based on your online discussions” to real-time feedback during the meeting based on the feelings and demands of our attendees tracked through their devices and ours…

The presentations will be sent out in advance so that when delegates attend they will be able to lead conversations too. The

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