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Let´s go skiing – a guide to planning meetings in the snow and the mountains

Let´s go skiing – a guide to planning meetings in the snow and the mountains

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Pick a mountain, reserve a room block and send meeting-goers out to the slopes - how difficult can planning a ski meeting be? It can be pretty hard!

When you have to balance indoor and outdoor time, beside the logistics of the arrival, the luggage, etc… Here are some advice for the planning and activities.

Peaking interest
The beauty of heading off to nature in the cold is also its curse: Most ski resorts are in remote nooks and crannies of the continent. Getting the group to the property might be the trickiest logistical element of the planning process; itás extremely important to evaluate air and ground transportation options before choosing a site.

Drive time
Consider the trip from the airport and if the meeting site is not within the hotel premises. Can attendees drive there on their own or will there be a chartered bus to bring everyone to the hotel? Arrival time will also affect the time schedule for your activities.

Weather watch
The weather is important for getting to the hotel or meeting site and the activities planned outdoor. Contingency planning is a MUST in case the weather does not cooperate then you will have to kick off plan A and implement plan B. Ensure that you consider all ways to ensure the safe arrival of your attendees.

Intimate gatherings
In most ski areas, choices in accommodations range from cozy lodges perfect for a group of 20 or so to full-service hotels with sophisticated conference centers. Some resort areas have central sales offices to help planners find the perfect places to meet, eat and sleep.

Schedule for some time outdoor
When mixing business and pleasure, itás important to schedule just enough of both, depending on the objectives of the gathering. Of course, leisure time requires planning, too. To go skiing, make sure that there are enough ski equipment for the group. If attendees need to bring their own, make sure they are informed. Also, some attendees maybe beginners, arrange for ski courses so that they too can enjoy the slopes. Check around the site and arrange for visits in the areas so that skiing can be optional for those who are not thrill about hitting the slopes.

Meetings first
When serious business is called for, get the longer days
out of the way, and save leisure time for last. You could spend the first day without going outside during the daylight hours. The second day might consist of morning meetings followed by a free afternoon and then bring them back for a relaxing evening dinner. If thereás more business to be done, you can do it the third morning and then depart after.

Put together groups
Some corporations put together teams and go all out, awarding medals at the finish. Each person gets two runs, the red and blue. Try to give the course to the group for about two hours so they have it all to themselves. That way they get a chance to cheer each other on and make fun of each other.

Apart from testing skiing skills, you can also arrange a ski scavenger hunts, placing items marked in bright colors (so they donát get lost in the snow) around the mountain. Put things like envelopes with tickets in them or a bag of something hanging off a tree on easy or intermediate trails, so everyone can participate.

Dining out
F&B is one area where the plannerás responsibilities can be light. Meal functions tend to be more casual on ski trips than at traditional meetings, allowing attendees to grab a quick bite of lunch before hitting the slopes or to go off-property at dinnertime to the many restaurants usually found in mountain villages.

You can include some ski gear as welcome gifts which will definitely come in handy. You can even personalise them with your corporate or event identity.

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