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Multiply the buzz of your events with Twitter

Multiply the buzz of your events with Twitter

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You have heard about the new sensation in town..., the popular free micro-blog webs, is causing a media and social revolution. The web registered 4 million users and is growing every month by 55%. The good news is that you can use its virtual power to multiply your event effectivity. What is it?

– A free microblogging service that allows users to send micro-entries (also known as “tweets”), with a maximum length of 140 characters, generally answering to the question “What are you doing?

How do I send messages? They can be sent from, by SMS, from your mobile phone or any application such as Twitterrific, Facebook, Twinkle, etc..

– How can I use it? Once you´ve created the profile of your event or your brand on Twitter and have communicated this to your guests, they will receive updates from your profile Twitter page via IM, SMS, RSS or email (as they have chosen).

– It allows them to follow the event live.

– It generates buzz, creating immediate and informal discussions among the guests before, during and even months after the event.

– Expectations, anticipating to the attendees some of the details of the event or even provide a more personalised service such as a vegetarian menu or gifts according to each individual taste

TIP: It does not work well to promote a brand; it applies more for a well defined target. After defining your Twitter profile, make sure you communicate it well, to encourage your audience to participate. They make the success of your Twitter strategy!

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