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Teaching initiative and developing talent: ‘Campus Ifema Thinkids’

Teaching initiative and developing talent: ‘Campus Ifema Thinkids’

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Imagination, creativity, innovation, leadership and social values. ​​Who would not want their children to develop these characteristics? Possibly these are the premises that will draw the future of the new generations. IFEMA wanted to participate in this evolution, and has launched for the first time an educational experience to teach the young ones to undertake. The result is the 'Ifema Thinkids Campus', a proposal co-organized with the Thinkids Project, with the aim of promoting talent based on a proven methodology aimed at creating innovative solutions and turning ideas into projects. In July, they developed innovative activities and workshops for the younger ones. Want to know more? Here are some keys to its success.

A new educational experience. Ifema, in collaboration with Thinkids, catalyst for educational change in Spain, launched the most innovative entrepreneurship campus in our country: the ‘Campus Ifema Thinkids’ for children and teenagers, aged between nine and 16 years. In total, 400 young people participated in workshops on visual thinking, inter and intra personal knowledge, and 64 projects were carried out, which the children presented to their families and friends.

“It helps children to imagine, identify, research, create and develop an idea, putting into practice the skills acquired in the workshops”

A coffee with… Olga Lázaro (IFEMA commercial director and ‘mommy thinkids’)

Olga is the mother of two children who participated in this campus. She tells us the advantages of this innovative experience…

What is the campus? “This is a project camp where different topics are discussed, such as waste collection or bullying, teaching and solving problems through imagination; investigate among all how to put a solution and activate it in real life.

Would you highlight an experience? “The music workshop where they were able to create a rap group and a performance, each contributing their individual identity and transforming it into a “whole”, and the “good food” workshop related to healthy food”.

An opportunity for companies. ‘Campus Ifema Thinkids’ had the support of important companies such as Aipool, BBVA, Bankia, Bankinter, Crowd Farming, Danone, DTP Pools, Font Vella, GFI, Kerapool, MacGuffin, Pons Foundation, Robo Kids, Toyota, Urbaser , Vass and XYZ Printing.

A sustainable project. With this project, Ifema intends to achieve the objectives of sustainable development for 2030, through the promotion of internal and external scholarships, social benefits for children of employees, and in general giving visibility to the company’s commitment to society and innovative education.

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