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Tim Burton’s Labyrinth, an immersive experience where you decide the path you take

Tim Burton’s Labyrinth, an immersive experience where you decide the path you take

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From the hand of Letsgo Company, the exhibition 'Tim Burton's Labyrinth' arrives in Madrid, an immersive experience that shows some unpublished and original pieces of the filmmaker. As the director himself explained, unlike other exhibitions focused on his work, this one perfectly represents his creative process, through the concept of the labyrinth. In addition, it has been conceived as a changeable experience, since each visitor can decide which path to choose, which offers almost 300 possible routes. A unique experience, which has counted with the participation of the artist himself and is scheduled to tour around the world.  Luana Valls

One of the most charismatic, quirky and creative film directors of our time is Tim Burton. And just as he didn’t stop when he was fired by Disney, Letsgo Company was not discouraged when the director told them he didn’t want to bring his existing traveling exhibition to Spain. Faced with this refusal, the production company got back in touch with Burton to propose a new creative idea that they say “he loved”, so much so that he himself and his team wanted to get involved, supervising all the advances and giving the final ok. Thus arose ‘Tim Burton’s Labyrinth’, an immersive exhibition that can be visited since September 29th at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias in Madrid.

The experience starts with 200 original sketches donated by the creator (some of which are totally unpublished), and includes hyper-realistic recreations of some of the characters from his films, original costumes and 3D figures modeled after the artist’s drawings. It even has materials created specifically for the exhibition, such as original large sculptures of unpublished characters or screens where visitors can watch animations of Burton’s own pencil, ink or watercolor drawings.

A changing journey

The main peculiarity of this exhibition, besides bringing to life some of the most mythical scenarios created by the filmmaker (such as Alice in Wonderland, the gloomy and magical universes of The Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie; the gothic tenderness of Edward Scissorhands, the dark comedy of Beetlejuice or the magic of Nightmare Before Christmas and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), is that it has been designed as a changing experience. As Letsgo explains, it is “a unique experience in which only you and the destination… will decide what will happen among the almost 300 possible routes”.

It starts from the same point, but each room has two doors, giving visitors the opportunity to choose where they want to go. The labyrinth is designed so that everyone goes through the same number of rooms (15 at a time), but not so that everyone sees the same thing. The tour (which has a total of 28 rooms) shows the different periods of the filmmaker, through the various rooms set with lights, technology, music, scenery and video mapping of his works. All accompanied by the soundtracks of his films, thus contributing to paint a detailed representation of the filmmaker’s creative process. Tim Burton himself has defined the exhibition as a fantastic “fun fair” and the closest thing to be touring the set of my films”.

As Letsgo tells us, the idea is for the exhibition to tour Spain and other parts of the world, so the director’s visit to Madrid (during the inauguration) was used to create an international communication campaign.

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