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Top ten tech innovations for 2020 by James Morgan

Top ten tech innovations for 2020 by James Morgan

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What is ‘NetZero Events’, the international commitment of the MICE industry? What do ChatGPT and artificial intelligence for events mean? Companies still far from defining sustainability targets in MICE
Your innovation can come from your brilliant ideas… or simply from spotting the best new services just as they appear. Luck you, we talked to tech guru James Morgan (organizer or Event Tech Live) and he brings us ten really cool event technologies to watch out for in 2020. Event planners, providers, speakers, staff or visitors, pay attention to this selection!

Lineup Ninja

Lineup Ninja is a web-based smart agenda software that helps event planners manage multiple speakers, session and room resources. It also manages the call for papers, content-gathering processes and automates several routine tasks. The software identifies speaker, session and resource clashes so an event planner can easily create an event programme more efficiently, avoiding programming clashes and confusion.

Canvas Planner

Forget the Excel sheet: Canvas Planner is an online platform that helps event planners and teams visualize their workflow and collaboration through an intuitive and interactive overview. Canvas Planner uniquely combines a visual work flow canvas with task management. The platform creates a picture of events, projects, and tasks in real time. Ideal for planners that often work in remote locations or teams with various stakeholders and across time zones. 


Interactive features add to the festivalisation trend. TagSpray provides large screen live digital graffiti, for public participation, turning mobiles into virtual spray cans. TagSpray supports multiple simultaneous users on one screen. When they are done tagging, it’s easy to share the whole screen on social media, including a sponsor’s message, to create buzz around your stand.


Add to your outdoor show festivalisation strategy with a unique photo opportunity. Spelfie or the space selfie in partnership with AIRBUS, brings intergalactic fun to outdoor shows. The app lets attendees capture their memories – and the event itself – from space, using satellite technology. It is a unique souvenir, experiential and shareable.

Qik Objects

How often do visitors lose things? From mobile phones to clothing and bags, there is always a problem with lost property. Qik Objects is the intelligent lost and found department. Qik Objects lets object finders connect with the owners and facilitate the return of the items. The platform is accessible through a web app and via their Qikobot. The access is free. Qik collects a transaction fee whenever there is a match and an item is returned.


Ever considered a quiet space at your show? It might be a good idea for stressed out staff and visitors wanting to catch a break. Meditainment is a website that offers guided meditation with stories, music and sounds of nature. Set it up in a small room in the venue.


Annoying queues at the coat check? Quidrop uses robotic arms to provide an automatic cloakroom service at large event. No staff required. You can choose specific materials to cover of the unit façade and registration terminals, so that the machines are adapted to the décor of the event space. The solutions can be branded with sponsor logos.


The Invasion of the Bots is happening. Why not be part of it with your visitor event bot. The Belgian company provides AI powered voice or text based bots to help organisers save resources on communication whilst improving customer service with instant information. Visitors will find it easier to find things on the showfloor, as well as what’s happening at various times of the day, or even when and where to connect for trains and planes.


Ensure your visitors meet the right people and attend the most useful sessions. NetworkTables works with organisers to facilitate visitor and exhibitor matchmaking. It is also great at matching visitors with attending the right education sessions. Visitors can see who else is attending a show. It works from any browser or device with no registration or download needed.


Market your venue in virtual reality. Allseated will be coming to Spain in 2020 and provides event planners with a powerful and easy technology. Allseated enables them to visualize events and collaborate in real time. Its 3D tools including photo-realist images of the space, also shown in VR. It allows planners to explore a venue, down to the smallest detail.