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Turin offers its love of good life to events

Turin offers its love of good life to events

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Each destination, however complete, needs a USP to stand out. Turin may have found its own: good life, gastronomy, quality, a set of values which are epitomised in a worldwide movement which was born here: the Slow Food movement. On this basis, as well as posting large events since the 2006 Winter Olympics, Turin positioned itself on the MICE map. We took the opportunity of the 2009 MPI European conference to discover the city and its very healthy values.

A trip to Turin helps understand why the Slow Food Movement was born here: an excellent agriculture, maybe the finest Italian wines, a great gastronomic tradition and love of good life are ever present here. On the other side, this city, home of FIAT, has a long industrial tradition and is vibrant with activity, and offers interesting venues for meetings and events. Here is a selection of highlights of Turin and area.

Alba Bra
This area next to Turin is home to fine wines like famous Barolo and Barbaresco. Based on this tradition, the region offers wine tasting and other activities related to wine culture (harvesting for instance). The region is very active in incentives, and even has its own convention bureau. A visit by the villages is definitely worth it. Barolo and La Morra are charming villages with coloured houses, others made of stone, small churches and many cantinas (restaurants which offer their own wine). And La Morra offers stunning views to the region. Another option, larger and more established but still very nice to visit, is Alba.

They are a specialty of the region. The Grizane Cavour castle hosts every year the truffle auction andi s worth a visit, with its very nice views overlooking the area and its restaurant whose chef used to work with Ferran Adrià. You can even organise incentive activities like a simulated truffle search with an expert or the senses analysis of the truffle.

Agenzia di Pollenzo
Pollenzo, next to Turin, is where the Slow Food movement was born in 1986. Today, the former residence of king Albert, completely renovated, hosts this Agenzia, which includes a training centre about gastronomy, the wine bank which keeps bottles of almost every type of wine in Italy and organises wine-related activities. It also comprises a four-star hotel with two meeting rooms and 44 rooms (Albergo dell Agenzia) and a restaurant. It represents an interesting, quiet, integrated themed venue for events.

This (kind of) shopping centre dedicated to wine and food offers a selection of local ingredients, as well as various options to try the food on site, in more or less formal environment. It is definitely worth a look, burstling with activity and passion about local gastronomy.

The National Cinema Museum, which opened in 2000, is a stunning building in which cinema lives and is experienced. The café downstairs offers a very elegant option for cocktails. Butt he most impressive part is the central area which sky-high roofs and screens on the walls. The Royal Palace is a tourism classic. Besides being open for visits, it offers a cafeteria with antique chinaware, which can be privatised for events. Just next to it is the start of two mysterious

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