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300 bank employees paint a market square

300 bank employees paint a market square

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It was paintbrushes and overalls for 300 staff from the Italian division of Deutsche Bank during its annual conference in Carmona. España Incoming organised a charity team building exercise with the collaboration of the agency Es.Cultura.

The activity was designed according to the aim of the conference: teamwork and strengthening management relationships in a charitable activity. The 16th century Carmona market was given a new coat of paint covering 3,500m2. The activity not only left a mark on the place and helped to build ties; the participants also learnt the customs and traditions of Carmona from the locals.

To prepare for the activity, scaffolds were set up with equipment and materials, appropriate safety measures were put in place and professional painters were consulted.

The group was welcomed by the town band at the entrance to the town and some of the locals accompanied them to the market square where they got to work: some climbed up the scaffolds; others passed materials to their colleagues, while others prepared the paint, etc. The group also painted a huge picture for one of the town’s convents.

Residents and associations from the town turned up with flasks of coffee and drinks for the volunteers. Even the nuns from the Santa Clara convent came and served some of their hand-made confectionery. A “bonding” lunch was organised with various people from the town followed by a domino tournament and (it goes without saying!) the traditional dance of the town fiestas. The team building finished with a thank you to the volunteers from the town hall.

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