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A rocker night for the Schibsted company dinner

A rocker night for the Schibsted company dinner

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Because internal events do not have to be boring, we love bringing you examples of how companies take care of their internal audience with events that take care of both the creative concept and the production. The case of the Schibsted is an example of how to take advantage of the end of the year meeting to go beyond the mere Christmas dinner where to have fun, create an occasion in which to generate pride of belonging, reinforce team feeling and share with them brand values. How? Based on leather jackets, quiffs, electric guitars, tattoos and a rock concert for their employees. The agency BST Events has told us how they organized it. Rock'n Roll!
Rock music fitted the groundbreaking and revolutionary philosophy that was intended to be printed at the event. Rock changed and revolutionized music, breaking into a carefree, energetic and powerful genre. Same values ​​that wanted to be transferred to the event. With an intense campaign of previous communication in which motivating messages linked to songs and slogans of the rocker world invited the employees of Schibsted to attend a night of rock. For this, the Palau Sant Jordi was chosen, a space with a tradition in the concert circuit that has involved international artists such as Alice Cooper, Lenny Kravitz, Mumford & Sons, Slash, or Franz Ferdinand. In addition to fitting into the concept of temple of live music, it was a space of great capacity, and also the versatility of its technical facilities enabled the production of the different performances that were to be developed during the dinner, as well as recreating the atmosphere of the classic punk and rock clubs. Reconverted for that night as the Sant Jordi Club, the venue opened its doors to 1,100 Schibsted employees to enjoy a rockabilly experience. Actors characterized by mythical rock stars (Kiss, ACDC, Freddy Mercury …) welcomed the event and mingled with the audience cheering the night.
Starting from the cocktail + dinner structure ending with a rock party, the agency had the company Amfivia to transfer the concept of rock to the content and the animations of the event, offering a joint activity that involved the participation of all the attendees throughout the event. As in all mythical concerts, the videoclip of the show remains for posterity and for Schibsted there would also be a videoclip of that night. Six areas were decorated, enhancing the best of rock aesthetics: from the dressing rooms of the big stars, tattoo areas, to a football area, a corner of the replica of the legendary New York club CBCG. These areas served as a filming set and attendees could pass by in groups where staff directed the recording and encouraged attendees to take their rockest side. A set of traffic lights indicated if they could participate (green light) or if they had to go to another set (red light because the recording in that corner had already begun). The recording was made simultanously during the event. Then, the task of express editing on spot began, which allowed to have the material at midnight and surprise everyone at the height of the performances that took place on the main stage. The guests did not suspect that at midnight the show of the guest artists would stop to show the projection of the most rock and participative video clip that they had created. 

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