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Absolut New Dimensions: creativity and technology in Sónar

Absolut New Dimensions: creativity and technology in Sónar

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The most experimental and avant-garde festival of the season featured an Absolut brand space in which the brand was present, offering three interactive experiences that fit perfectly into the three themes of the festival: music, creativity and technology. Virtue, the creative agency of Vice, was in charge of implementing the presence of the brand in different spaces of the festival with three activations in each of its three locations: Sónar Día, Sónar Noche and Sónar+D.

Continuing its relationship with art and creativity, Absolut was present in each section of the festival with three artistic and interactive activations that played and enhanced the creativity of the audience thanks to technology:

In Sónar Día an immersive installation was set up next to the main stage in which as a nebula the attendees were submerged in a fog of colors defined by themselves when answering a questionnaire prior to access to the facility. Once inside they would fade and mix as they moved through the installation. A dreamlike and fun space that was one of the protagonists in the social networks of many spectators of the festival.

To impact at Sónar Noche they set up a canvas articulated around an open bar and presided over by a totem of 6 meters in height in which the work of Joan Guasch was displayed on its four faces. The structure, besides serving to project the visuals of the artist worked like cocktail bar during the night.

During Sónar+D, the conference on creativity and creative industries, Absolut collaborated with the School for Poetic Computation, participating with a digital work that mixed art and computer code, images and numbers. Through the juxtaposition of two screens, visitors could see, on the one hand, the programming code of some of the works of digital artists and, on the other hand, the proposal that was creating the viewer.

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