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Acrobats, fire and water show on board the Mein Schiff1 in Hamburg

Acrobats, fire and water show on board the Mein Schiff1 in Hamburg

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By Asun Paniagua We are not going to tell you a typical cruise event, but a different event to `baptize 'a boat leaving the traditional ceremony and protocol to create a show at the height of the majestic Mein Schiff1, of TUI Cruises (more space, comfort, sports and wellness). Coinciding with the anniversary of the port of Hamburg, the german agency Insglück organized this event in a premium location: the largest transshipment point in Europe, the HHLA Container Terminal in Burchardkai. And he was inspired by the novelties of the cruise line to create the concept: more than a christening, it would be a coronation. The ceremony would consecrate the ship as king of the seas, before more than 3,000 people.

You have to make an impact to differentiate yourself, Insglück believed when they were commissioned to present the new edition of the Mein Schiff1 (an update of the first and oldest ship in the TUI Cruises fleet) that features new and modern designs and a very focused approach to sport and well-being There have been innumerable baptisms carried out by the company so I needed to do something different, something that had never done its competition: a surprising ceremony for this new generation of cruises.

The event was created so that the 2,500 guests on board and the 500 staff of TUI Cruceros staff, as well as the media, lived a different and unforgettable experience. To do this, they designed a unique brand image for this ship and organized a show to accompany the coronation ceremony. They did it in an industrial scenario that represents the essence of Hamburg, the HHLA terminal, in which a cruise ship had never been launched. Framed by five container lifts, the stage to receive the ship became an acrobatic and expressive diving show on board with dance compositions that encouraged the public to enter a mystical world of water. The LEDs on the 25 meter-long pool deck transformed it into a virtual oceanic cosmos with rear-projection shows and music. The giant cranes on the deck served as a showcase for the sky show of the Sky Angels duo, which ended with the presentation of a golden scepter to the ships “madrinas” (two boats that guarded and illuminated the ship from the other side of the Elbe).

As one of the novelties is the commitment to sport and well-being, the Olympic beach volleyball champions, Kira Walkenhorst and Laura Ludwig, were in charge of the traditional speech, and of pressing the button of the scepter to release a source of sparks and the mechanism that placed the bottle of champagne in the hull of the ship, marking the climax of the ceremony: the coronation. The new “My Schiff 1” was crowned by a combination of light effects and fireworks display, thanks to the fan-shaped arrangement of the cranes, the large light projections and the pyrotechnics formed a majestic crown on the ship. Other effects of light and pyrotechnics converted the surface of the Elbe River into a carpet of incandescent and bright light that enclosed the nave. A crown of fireworks and lasers formed a great crown that put an end to the show.

The ceremony took place within the largest port festival in the world so it generated much expectation. Hundreds of thousands of visitors to the port anniversary event were able to enjoy this coronation that was broadcast live via Facebook with an impact of 103,795 visits, 680 actions and more than 3,679 comments.


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