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An incentive in the Maldives with Bollywood style for 200 Amway executives

An incentive in the Maldives with Bollywood style for 200 Amway executives

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By Asun Paniagua The Amway Europe and South Africa Diamond Conference, organized by Creative Travel, has won the SITE Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel Asia/Pacific for the program they developed in the Maldives for 200 guests. Five days on some islands considered a top luxury destination, but they do not adapt easily to groups of this size. Creative Travel took on the challenge knowing that the location itself would captivate Amway's best sellers. His proposal combined the main attractions of the region with a production and careful design.

The event achieved the six main objectives of Amway: improving the affinity of owners with the brand, recognizing the best sellers, increasing the aspiration to achieve better results, strengthening relationships and leadership, presenting the company’s report and the latest products, and provide a very rewarding experience.

The activities were designed in a way that was in tune with the island’s traditions. Exotic dinners, with native flowers and by candlelight, seafood barbecues on the beach, lots of music and performances of typical local dances. For the big farewell party they brought Indian culture to the island. The guests received traditional clothes, produced and sent from India and experienced a dance and music show that transported them from the beach resort to the heart of Bollywood.

Amway, a direct sales company worldwide, with more than 3 million independent entrepreneurs, organizes these incentive trips to improve the brand commitment of the owners of business units around the world and take advantage of these meetings to present the Company report and upcoming releases. The direct sales industry requires that its independent sales network be deeply associated with the brand, which is why, in its 58-year history, Amway has bet on the effectiveness of these incentives to provide a rewarding experience to its main assets.

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