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A different press conference for the new Opel Corsa

A different press conference for the new Opel Corsa
Venue: Otto Zutz Club, Barcelona
Date: 21 de septiembre 2006
Organised by: AD Store
No. of attendees: 57 journalists from European media

An inusual press conference: Opel did not present a car but… the communication strategy of the new Opel Corsa, positioning it towards young drivers. The said strategy started with the presentation of European youth on their perception of “fun” and their relationship with their car.
Alter getting to know their taste in activities, icons, music, etc., Opel adapted the style of the new model (for example, the car is very much related to going out at night, gave a special prominente to the lit-up buttons, a more sportive line and also more human), and created the “C’Mon!”, five dolls whom each has their own identity and background that reflects the psychological profiles of the youth. These personalities live in Barcelona, are part of the city’s underground movement and are members of the rock group, C’MONS.The communication (like the car, “Fun, with alot of style and very cool!”), combined various innovative actions and with a touch of humor to position the product: contests in radio programs, presence in online media (Messenger, foros, YouTube & MySpace), videos download via bluetooth from street advertising supports, and the “positive graffiti” (graffiti drawn and left on the street for a few days, cleaning in the process, the space “dirtied” by the previous graffiti). All the communication drove the public to visit the C’Mons’ web,, which included blogs, videos and online contests. MTV was a strategic alliance in this campaign, creating and spreading the “rockcumental” on this famous group in their program, “MTV Under The Radar”, as well as in a microsite of the program. The Corsa was also the official car of European MTV Music Awards.

The press conference was not presented to the specialised automobile or general press, but media of lifestyle, marketing and communication in Europe, whom Opel had brought to Barcelona and accomodated them in the Omm Hotel in Paseo de Gracia. The presentation was held in Otto Zutz, a trendy club of the city. At the entrance, fans with signs were waiting for the famous C’MONS to arrive.

An urban artist started the event with a live spray painting demonstration of the C’MONS, combining dance and painting to the rhythm of electronic music. The presentation was held in an informal talk show style with a host who analysed the market study or the “Fun Survey”, the concept of the car’s design and the creation process of the personalities and communication campaign. A highlight, the design explanation was done on a plasma screen where the designer outlined the curves of the car with finger strokes. And as a closing act, the appearance of the C’MONS on stage. Are they for real?

This event was Publisher in issue 7 of the eventos Magazine, the referente publication for event professionals. In eventoplus, we only Publisher a selection of articles from the eventos Magazine. Want to know the latest trends? Want ideas and tips for your next event? Subscribe to the essential professional magazine for event professionals.  (Publication is in Spanish)

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