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Desperados ‘crowdsourcing’ event

Desperados ‘crowdsourcing’ event

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When a brave brand like Desperados, opts for a casual communication and wants to listen to its target, putting them at the center of its communication, it is not surprising that the brand chose the crowdsourcing to create one of its parties. The trend of personalized experiences, where the assistant can choose what they want to live in the event, is put into practice at Desperados Epic House Party. This time they did not organised a simple wild party, they wanted to make the ideas that their followers had about what a really epic party is come true.

According to Diederik Vos, Global director of Desperados, “parties are the perfect place to unleash creativity, and we wanted to adopt this idea by offering all party lovers around the world the opportunity to shape their own adventures. For this event, we collaborated with people from all over the world to bring to life what they considered necessary at a party ”, and thus the event series‘ Epic Parties Imagined By You ’emerged.

The brand carried out an investigation to reveal the perceptions that millennials had about the culture of clubbing and partying and what most often bothers them on the dance floor.

According to 77% of respondents, one of the most annoying factors when partying are the long lines at the bar. In order not to miss the party queuing at the bar, Desperados invited an eight-armed waiter … an octopus, to act as a bartender. To satisfy 50% of the respondents, they wanted to live an epic party without comparison to their typical nights in the city, the idea of Georgina Steele, from the United Kingdom, who suggested the “Human disco ball” in order thar attendees could have their time to shine. She herself rose like the “human disco ball” on the dance floor, 12 meters above the audience. And given the concern of 72% of the frustration of spilling the cup on the dance floor is frustrating, the brand designed a robotic hands-free arm.

In addition to the Millennials market study in the United Kingdom launched toghether with Markettiers, the brand invited in its social networks to comment on their best ideas about the party through the hashtag #WeAreTheParty. From the social networks, other crazy ideas were implemented at the party such as helping the smallest people to see the stage well; custom haptic jackets to feel the music on their own skin or a safety device formed by lovely grandmothers so that the guests were greeted with a smile to start the party with good vibes.


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