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Desperados Dance Club: an app for events to promote inclusion and equality in dance

Desperados Dance Club: an app for events to promote inclusion and equality in dance

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Andrea Bouzas
Jan-Jaap In der Maur, event moderator: “the public will only follow you if they trust that you are there for them”. These are the events of the 2023/24 season not to be missed Should we get rid of the separation between creativity and production?
It is no coincidence that most leisure events include a moment of relaxation and fun through dancing. According to a study by the Desperados beer brand, 82% of people dance to free themselves from the daily routine, and three quarters say that dancing makes them happier. However, there are significant barriers related to access and inclusion that prevent people from experiencing moments of letting loose. That's why Desperados, together with Jack Morton, took this opportunity to open up access to partying through the development of the Desperados Dance Club app. Through this application, which has been integrated into several events around the world, users are invited to dance from anywhere and are intended to generate a unifying experience, in which individual dance moves contribute to the group's goal of raising money for inclusive causes.

Desperados Dance Club was born with the goal of addressing some of the barriers that different groups face when it comes to partying, ranging from a lack of diversity in the talent involved in the nightlife sector to access and safety issues on the dance floor itself. To address this problem, Desperados and Jack Morton have developed a multi-pronged approach solution, starting with the implementation of this app. In collaboration with several local Desperados markets, its partners and Elrow, the app was integrated into events around the world, in places such as London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Ibiza.

The Desperados Dance Club app, as explained by Jack Morton, “targets a diverse and global audience of young Generation Z urbanites who appreciate music, dance and self-expression. They thirst for new and unexpected experiences, driven by a strong inner curiosity”. How does it work? The app acts as a fundraising platform based on the user’s number of moves. Desperados Dance Club captures individual data by counting each step and translates it into a monetary donation to the inclusive charities Women In Music and Stonewall.

Desperados Dance Club

In addition to the app, the Desperados Dance Club party series was also organized. Through these, Desperados sought to celebrate diverse and underrepresented talent by bringing the tribe together to dance for inclusion and equality, and allowing partygoers to feel safe and let loose on the dance floor. At these parties, app users could win different prizes designed to enhance their festival experience or their night out. As attendees reached milestones, they were rewarded with unexpected, inclusive and non-wasteful prizes, such as mentorship programs, creator merchandise, DJ meet-and-greets and free tickets.