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Herbalife dazzles in the Palau Sant Jordi

Herbalife dazzles in the Palau Sant Jordi

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 More than 17,300 people were cited to the Palau Sant Jordi, in one of these mega conventions like Herbalife knows how to organise. The goal: to introduce the company´s new product (CR7 Drive created in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo), and train Herbalife EMEA distributors. An important point: most important distributors are independent, self-entrepreneurs, and so events are a key time of connection, training, motivation.

“Extravaganza” is an annual convention that Herbalife organizes on all continents where it is present and its main objective to bring together its network of members, present the company news, products and provide updated training courses in sales, personal care and attention to the client. One year after the 25th anniversary of Herbalife in Spain, the company decided to hold the annual European convention in our country. Barcelona was the city chosen. The event took place at the Palau Sant Jordi.

A round revolving stage was placed in the center of the space. It was the first time this format was used in the Palau Sant Jordi for a training session, told us the responsible for the event, from Herbalife. Around the stage, were placed a few tables for people with more success among distributors of the brand, a sample of important recognition.

Social networks, for their ability to move the collective energy that is created at these events, were clearly strategic. For it the company created a “Social Media Command Centre” where posts were sent in real time on Facebook and Twitter.

The event, which was meant for a very international public, had simultaneous translation into 23 languages, plus sign language.

Other outstanding components of the setup? “We installed special effects to support our training sessions and product launch: a double Kabuki drop for the launch of CR7 (a product for hardening of tissue). A wide area lighting connected to a network included lighting ´Magic Blades´ and bar charts, using a special motor to lift the equipment 10 meters per minute, with coordinated computerized engines to run in synchronization by a software designed specifically for this purpose)”, the company tells us. In addition, a big cube was hung above the stage, as a screen with four sides, ensuring visibility to all attendees.

To reveal the star product, the new CR7 Drive, product hid in a cloth that covered the boat, and then opened, revealing the protagonist.

In addition, the company presented a check of $20,000 to the NGO Children´s Villages, an organization with which the company works in Spain since 2007 in projects of nutritional support and promotion of healthy habits in children was made.

In addition to the plenary part, several dinners, cocktails and a party on Saturday night were organized.


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