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Innovation scores in the Calderón with the event Imperdible_02

Innovation scores in the Calderón with the event Imperdible_02

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Two concepts as far away as soccer and innovation teamed up in the event organized by the Cotec Foundation, with the collaboration of the Atletico Madrid Foundation, with the aim of opening innovation to all citizens. To do so, they used soccer to fill the Vicente Calderón stadium with experiences and activities related to this sport: competitions and sports exhibitions, video games, robotics, workshops, virtual reality, kinect, informative talks, round tables and performances.

The event was designed as a two days festival in which to be able to participate in 30 activities along the spaces, interior and exterior, that were set up in the stadium, with football tables, a virtual space, an area where to play soccer with robots , and a main stage at the lawn.

A penalty simulator invited the public to shoot against a virtual goalkeeper, using a motion sensor that converts the movement of the foot into chuts, measuring the speed and trajectory. You could also take the position of a goalkeeper, using virtual reality glasses, and stop shots virtually.

The technology was present in the Virtual Space of the festival. There were installed virtual reality attractions and kinect points, which allowed playing football without a ball, as well as an exhibition of arcade consoles to remember and play with the best video games about football in the last forty years.

The technology came to the players themselves in the area of robots, where they held a soccer tournament with robots. A quadrangular tournament for students in teams of up to four students and two robots that on a green tapestry and with a ball that emits an infrared light, made a display of technique and positioning in the field of play. In addition to playing games, the robots were the protagonists of workshops in which the public could build their own football robot and train him and schedule it to launch penalties.

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