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inSuite mixes social analysis and geolocation for your events

inSuite mixes social analysis and geolocation for your events

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Hundreds of people come to your events, and have a social activity on-site. Maybe you know this activity, maybe you don’t. So here comes InSuite, a new solution which aims to enable you to maximize the potential of your events in terms of viralization, identification of opinion leaders and involvement of high-impact people. The result: to optimize the social presence of your event, but also to handle your social guests in an effective way. Something like your “social CRM”.

This SaaS solution  (does anyone still offer installed software?) can be used without on-site presence of the provider. It aims to manage the customer experience per location, based on social media without having to filter by any hashtag. The technology can extract in real time all posts, with or without hashtag, that are made in a location on all major social networks, thanks to an accurate geo-behavioral analysis.



This technology geofences the location of posts shared on social media, and the event planner can view all posts made in the monitored area. He can then moderate them, display them on physical screens or embed them on websites to relate for remote people the experience in the location. Imagine having a screen on-site or on your website featuring posts of all attendees, even if they don’t use the event hashtag. This animates events and locations, but is also a great way to valorize people’s experience, interact with them and incentive them to post and create buzz.


In addition to the broadcast of the digital social life in a location, inSuite platform provides a way to:

  • Engage with customers in a personalized manner thanks to precise profile qualification. You see John is posting something and he has a lot of followers: the solution enables you to easily mark John so someone from your team who will have to contact John, try to get him to post more about your event or you may just contact him for other events or other actions.
  • Detect influencers posting and receive alerts in real time. You can easily see who are the most socially active people present at your event, and plan follow-up actions with them.
  • Monitor the competitors or specific places to identify leads and drive to store relevant new target groups.
  • Compare the performances and the attraction across multiple locations.
  • Build a social segmentation of the market and increase the CRM data-base. 

The only limit is that the results are, of course, limited to users who have their geographical information visible. But you can at least work with those!

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