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Jack Morton creates Deep House, the deepest underwater party in the world

Jack Morton creates Deep House, the deepest underwater party in the world

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Yes, this is to focus on the experience of the assistant (star trend in today's events that will grow in 2019) and jump into the pool ... the deepest in the world, the Y-40 Deep Joy in Venice. At 42 meters deep, surrounded by 4.3 million liters of water, 400 people were immersed in this underwater adventure that was more than a party: they measured the psychological benefits of the epic parties (the neuropsychology also sneaks in the events for better understand the assistant and his needs). The tequila-flavored beer brand likes to dare and surprise, and for that they had Jack Morton Worldwide, the agency that generated this experience. Beyond the Wow effect, the key is to differentiate.

Deep House is the last activation of Desperados. After a series of events aimed at overcoming the limits of wild experimentation at parties, for the first time, they mounted a dance floor at the bottom of the world’s deepest pool to demonstrate that unique experiences have a positive effect on assistants. The brand wants to challenge people to be different, and for this, together with the producer of Elrow (the Barcelona brand famous in the world for its crazy parties) and the renowned DJs Peggy Gou and Artwork, they created the Deep House, a multisensory experience which was used as a “testing ground” to measure the creativity and mood of the participants before and after entering the Deep House. And they took it very seriously … Dr. Daniel Richardson, an experimental psychologist at the University College of London, was in charge of carrying out the tests that concluded showing that there had been a rise of 27% in the state of encouragement and a 30% increase in the creativity of those attending the party.

But what do you wear to go to an underwater disco? Whichever look you choose, you can not miss the cutting-edge SeaTREK diving technology, not only to be able to breathe underwater, but also to listen to the music in high definition on the dance floor. And in an underwater observation tunnel, the Berlin artist Peggy Gou, and London producer and DJ, Artwork, performed live through an underwater sound system and the rhythm of laser lights. From this session, Artwork created an exclusive track called Deep Down.

Technology and innovation were also present in all the activations that preceded the creation of Deep House: Watt The Frequency sound stage, the first DIY mobile sound system with KiNK; SkyFest, the first electronic light orchestra with a hot air balloon; Train Trax, a train connected to a musical instrument; Bass Drop, a party on board a plane at zero gravity, 30,000 feet above the Nevada desert; and House Party Plugged, which transformed a house into a backing track.

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