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Living Legends, best incentive marketing campaign at the SITE Crystal Awards

Living Legends, best incentive marketing campaign at the SITE Crystal Awards

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Communication before to an incentive trip is essential to motivate and create a sense of pride in the group that will receive a reward for their good results at work. And that was the key to the Alliance Laundry Systems incentive program, designed by Creative Group, which has been recognized with the SITE Crystal Awards for the most effective incentive marketing campaign. This laundry equipment company with headquarters in more than 100 countries, proposed a sales challenge to the Hue Laundry division of Alliance Laundry so that its distributors reward the best sellers with an experience in Peru, inspired by the charm of Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas.

The main objective of the program was to continue increasing sales in its distribution channel, and for this purpose a communication strategy based on commitment was designed. The theme on which the campaign focused was `Living Legends´, to tell the legend of Alliance Laundry, which has been in business for 112 years. They talked about the legendary families that started their business decades ago and that still thrive, relating it to the legend of Machu Picchu, a city that was lost and then found. A website was created to house all the information related to the incentive: phases of the program, sales classification data, motivational communication messages and details of the trip to Peru. A 14-month communication campaign that included many messages, from electronic newsletters and monthly blogs to sending gifts to participants’ homes. Having constant communication and contact points to catalyze commitment and behavior is important to generate the desired results.

Attendees were informed and connected at all times, because the challenge to become part of this incentive was long and challenging. Huebsch delivered monthly reports so that they could track both their individual and group performance, also giving them visibility on the path to achieving their goals (something that usually motivates participants and arouses their desire to excel). The participants were receiving emails with the classification updates, which encouraged the visit to the website created for the event. The entire marketing campaign was intended to encourage distributors to make a sales effort, crucial to get a place in the legend trip they were going to make. The fact of sending communications and gifts directly to the distributor’s house, helped to involve the spouse / partner and their enthusiasm reinforced the impulse for the applicant to do everything possible to win and experience that destiny. After the program, the feedback of the participants was very positive, as the relationships between the group had been strengthened by experiencing a legendary adventure together.

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