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Participants turned into avatars within the Audi hyper-reality experience

Participants turned into avatars within the Audi hyper-reality experience

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If last year the brand developed an experiential space under the dynamics of technological room escape to let know its electric propulsion technology, this year takes the 'wow' effect of technological immersion one step further creating a multiplayer hyper-reality experience with the action 'The e-tron room: the Future Paradox'. A whole brand entertainment action, carried out by the DDB agency, through which Audi wants to show its vision of the mobility of the future. How? Virtual reality and an advanced movement system put the assistant into a video game that makes him travel through time, passing different tests until he reaches his final destination: the future.

Always with the aim of bringing the mobility of the future in a surprising and innovative way, very much in relation to the 100% electric technology of the Audi e-tron model, the brand integrates immersive and impact technology to immerse its target in electric mobility . On this occasion the story is a journey through time that makes the participant go through different scenarios and tests leading to the future. The game dynamics that started last year with the technological escape room are intensified in this edition, making it more virtual and immersive by putting the assistant in a video game.

Participants are equipped with the latest technology, such as motion sensors or VivePro virtual reality glasses. The action has integrated an algorithm that interprets the movement in real time and builds an avatar at 1: 1 scale of the player, allowing a total body immersion. In addition, there is a real actor, who plays the role of a robot, and who will act as guide during the trip, accompanying the players and making the experience more complete.

The ‘wow’ factor of this adventure is the sensation of hyper-reality that is achieved through motion capture: 36 cameras and 28 sensors allow players to translate the virtual activity of the players and the positions of different objects in the room. “For almost an hour, attendees will travel through hyperreality to a number of places in time until they reach the future. We have worked to create a unique multiplayer entertainment experience, to bring the vision of future mobility that Audi is betting on to the public”, explains Caita Montserrat, Director of Marketing at Audi.

The experience becomes itinerant with a first stop until November 13th at Espacio Rastro Madrid, and then moves to Barcelona from January 27th to February 16th in the Tuset Manhattan space at Aragó street. An event open to the public, prior registration on the website of the event and monitoring the social profiles of the brand where the weekly sessions will be announced through codes that will be achieved after solving various quizzes. Participation in social networks is key to access, as well as acting as a team, since the sessions are held in groups of 3 to 4 people.



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