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Ron Barceló

Ron Barceló

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Celebrates the party of the year at top speed

Ron Barceló celebrates the party of the year at top speed
Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Date: 21º febraury 2008
Nº of attendees: 4.000
Organised by: Momentum, Light Project, Implementia GroupThe party of the year. This was simply what Ron Barceló wanted to conceive. A great party of music and dance directed to a young target, in an exotic environment and under the full moon, inevitable companion of good outdoors parties. The "Desalia" festival was held in the Cabeza de Toro beach in the Dominican Republic.

From its web page, 150 people could get a VIP trips to attend the event. The award was the entry to the festival and a VIP treatment (dinner in an exclusive restaurant, area in the party with free drinks). Another way to attend the event was to buy the trip and pass from the travel agency Pepetravel.

An alley flanked by palm trees led these attendants to the party. Among the trees, appeared the three characters of Desalia (the Moon, the Wards and the Children of Desire) to entertain the guests at their arrival. A group of go-gos with showy clothes landed on the island, coming from the opposite beach. The festival then took place and was broadcast live on several screens. The performances began with DJ Davo, followed by many artists, among them Fangoria. At midnight, the 25 meter sphere located above the stage, and which was used as projection screen, changed colour. Throughout the week other activities were offered to the winners, from a welcome cocktail to a poolside party with DJ performances, a party in Mangú, and a trip to the Saona Island.

Besides the contests to commercialise the Desalia trips and the tickets for the festival, Ron Barceló has the collaboration of Pepetravel, El Corte Inglés and Tick Tack Ticket. The event was especially directed to Spanish university students, who usually travel at this time of the year, corresponding to the end of their course.
Jesús Rodríguez Burgos, Project Chief of Ron Barceló shares with us the "Desalia experience” (ver aquí)

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