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Samsung reveals its new Galaxy in a enveloping scenery

Samsung reveals its new Galaxy in a enveloping scenery

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The presentation of a new gadget, whether smartphone, tablet, coming from the Apple, Samsung or Microsoft universe arouses the interest of the most tekkies becoming events of planetary interest that continue to stream millions of fans of the latest technology. The secrecy that precedes this type of events, speculation about the new features and the design of the new model, influence an event that has to be at the heights of the expectations created and above all to highlight the peak moment of this type of events: the reveal of the new model. We bring you as an example the annual Samsung event in which the brand presents its great launch of the year, the Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked Event.

The Barclays Center in New York was transformed last August 7 into a tunnel of prisms and mirrors that led to a large central space bounded with two vaulted structures of 42×25 each, which enveloped the attendees and displayed the contents of the presentation. A scenic assembly that simulated the vault of a cathedral and whose particular altar was a black stage, in whose center a circle of LEDs marked the position of those responsible for Samsung to reveal the details of the new smartphone. As a great protagonist of the stage, a screen of almost 20×20 stole the role of the speaker and showed the visuals, contents and close-ups of the details of the new Galaxy Note.

The contents of the main screen were synchronized and integrated into the visuals and aesthetics of the lateral projections involving the 2,800 attendees in the messages and atmosphere that had been thought for each moment of the presentation.

After the presentation, the attendees moved to an area with more exhibition experiences where designed to get to know the new smartphone in close detail. Divided into eight experiential stations they could go on a tour of the main features and strengths of the Galaxy. For example, to test the new functionality to create custom filters in augmented reality, an illustrator made a live demonstration with an original back of vegetation to see how the creation possibilities works with the S-Pen. 

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