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So… ¿what did Grupo eventoplus do in their convention?

So… ¿what did Grupo eventoplus do in their convention?

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With the holidays over, it was time to improve and change aspects of our activities, welcome new team members, strengthen relationship between our offices in Barcelona and Madrid and between departments, communication of the plan… There were many goals but let’s get focused: we went back to our mission and see how, together as a group of passionate people, we can bring more value to the meetings sector. So, on September 15th and 16th, Grupo eventoplus went to Meliá Sitges for their convention.

The concept was Pride. A word that can draw reference to Sitges but more importantly for the company: we all have to be proud ofwhat Grupo eventoplus of the company we work in as well as the work that we are contributing.

It was also the occasion to put into practice everything that we have been preaching: meetings with no powerpoint, meeting rhythm, layouts that encourage participation and dialogue, healthy but fun meals, activities that communicate. It was two intensive and informal days to better understand why we do what we do, which was a key reflection of the convention.

On Friday, eight o’clock in the morning, a panoramic minbus by Autocares Esteve picked up the team from the Barcelona’s office. On board, everyone was surprised to find that the bus had a lounge area and the first team activity was launched: through a teaser, everyone was told to bring their breakfast for the trip but no one ate their own breakfast as they were then told to put them on the table and share it. It was definitely a time to try each other’s culinary skills as well as to bond, share and help each other.

Arrival with surprise and formats that encourage participation
It all started with a trick: the staff at Meliá Sitges directed the team to a small meeting room complete with the typical boardroom configuration and a screen… yes, nothing very “meeting design”. Just when everyone was settling in, we were told that we were in the wrong room. The team was then blindfolded and led to another room with the help of a rope that kept everyone in a single file. When the blindfolds were removed, everyone was surprised by a completely different room: warm LED lighting, projection of a warm chimney fire as it was raining outside; sofas, armchairs, pilate balls, puffs… plus the smell of freshly baked croissants from the oven where the morning coffee was served… We were all ready to conquer the day!

A catwalk was setup in the middle of the room that allowed people to interact and move around, no session was a monologue and with no more than 15 minutes duration. Flipcharts, loads of post-its, group sessions… and plenty of conversations and co-creating.

A key focus of the convention was WHY we do what we do, HOW do we do it and with WHAT do we do. The convention was kicked off with the projection of a video of clients’ testimonies.

Marcos Canas from Srta. Templeton, made a surprise entry to the convention and conducted a court session where teams had to accuse and defend the actions of the company and as well other fun warm up games.

A siesta at the convention!
Just after lunch, the team was sent to a room with mats and a warm and relaxing setting. Everyone had yoga in mind but no, everyone was told to lie down and… take a nap! Afterwards, the team sat closely together in a circle and everyone shared how their beginning was with the company and what they are proud of. It was an intimate session full of experiences and anecdotes. Definitely, another emotional moment that united the team.

By six o’clock, the team was divided into groups to work on various aspects of the company towards its vision 2020. The teams then pitch their ideas and everyone had the opportunity to express their opinions.

By eight, it was finally time to wind down. Dinner was served in a tent decorated with food stalls, tables with red and white checked tablecloths and cutlery in the metal bucket. The group ate, sang (thanks to one member who brought his yukulele), played table games and chatted as the gin tonic bar kept us all going!

Back to the hotel room, there was another surprise by the hotel: an edible photo of the front cover of our eventos Magazine with a picture of the team taken this morning upon arrival at the hotel.

Teambuilding with Art
Rise and shine! After breakfast, Amfivia organised a teambuilding activity where the team created a chronological timeline of the company since its foundation in 2000. Large post-its were used where each member wrote their name, year of incorporation, function and his contribution to the company on a personal level.

And then it was time to “get down and dirty”… The team reproduced a 8m2 painting of the Women in hat (1962) by Picasso in four large canvases. Each team had a quarter of the painting, and had to estimate the amount of paint colours they need, decide who mix the colours and who does the outline of the canvas… The biggest challenge was to ensure that the whole painting was aligned when put together. After the debrief, a farewell lunch was served at the hotel’s terrace.

The convention was a time to show that we are a team, and that working together, we can achieve so much more. It was also an opportunity to analyse things and to improve, while also taking on the commitment to make changes, and of course, a day away from the office. But we all know, after the convention, the most important part is the follow up and making sure that what were discussed are put in place.


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