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Sophistication, driving pleasure and technology in the Porsche pop-up space

Sophistication, driving pleasure and technology in the Porsche pop-up space

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Undoubtedly one of the preferred formats to offer a brand experience and create brand space. Pop-ups, far from being a passing hype, are consolidated as a good resource to bring the brand to the public. It is only necessary to choose the correct location, choose the space that best fits the personality of the company and transform it, with decoration and experiences to get physical house of the brand for a few days. The last to ride the pop-up wave, is Porsche, bringing to Spain for the first time this format, the 'Porsche Tracks', a type of event that had already developed in other European cities and landed in Madrid last December.

Open to the public, for free and for two weeks at Christmas, the brand chose the Palace of Carlos Mª de Castro in the neighborhood of Almagro to set up a brand space of 400m2 in which the public could learn the history and future of Porsche , its legendary models and the future towards electric mobility that represents the next to come model Mission E. And it is precisely the main attraction of the pop-up, the Porsche Mission E, the element that articulated the pop-up and the different stays of ‘Porsche Tracks’ . Thus the model presided over the passage of carriages of the building, converted into an interactive room, where the public could know the new model through virtual reality and mobile devices. From there one could go to different rooms where they could sit in comfortable armchairs and enjoy the paintings of the artist Manu Campa with canvases of different Porsche models; a bibliobar or a corner of design in which the walls turned into slate inviting to design the model 911 of the brand.

To try the driving experience, an entertainment area was set up to play Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport 7, which allows you to try several Porsche models. The courtyard-terrace of the mansion became the Vintage Café, an outdoor relaxation area where you can have a drink, presided by two classic models of collection.

To represent both the most historic models and the current range, at the door of the mansion, as a claim on the street and welcoming visitors, a Cayenne model, a Panamera and a 911 GTS were parkerd outside.


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