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Spotlight Live, TED format for 350 media, by Jack Morton

Spotlight Live, TED format for 350 media, by Jack Morton

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Konica Minolta briefed Jack Morton to develop a 360° marketing communications campaign, ‘Spotlight’, to support the launch of their new product category, Workplace Hub, a revolutionary IT services offering for enterprises. A key part of the campaign was Spotlight Live, a TED-style speaker event in Berlin for an audience of 350 global IT and technology news media, business influencers and Konica Minolta’s own employees. The objective was to position Konica Minolta as a thought leader – engaging the audience with its vision of the workplace of the future and to demonstrate the brand’s credentials within the IT solutions space by showcasing their newest innovation – the Workplace Hub. 

The launch featured experts and influencers drawn from a wide variety of disciplines and industries.  This included Douglas Coupland – most famous for coining the phrase ‘Generation X’ – and Shoei Yamana – the global CEO of Konica Minolta Inc., who discussed the evolution of technology and its role in the workplace of the future. The Spotlight Live event also included a multimedia showcase that highlighted Konica Minolta’s rich history and heritage of innovation, as well as a reveal moment of the Workplace Hub. An interactive demonstration zone was also developed, allowing Konica Minolta to preview its new range of products and services.

Challenges? We recognised that we needed to shine a light on customers’ existing and future IT needs.   Knowing that the primary audience for Workplace Hub was concerned about the future capabilities of its existing IT infrastructure, we created a multichannel, content-led campaign which allowed Konica Minolta to focus on the future.

The Spotlight Live event was a key part of this campaign, bringing discussions around the future of the workplace to the forefront and providing a platform for Konica Minolta to unveil its latest and future technology products to the IT and tech industry and media.

In addition to this, a range of content was created around Konica Minolta’s thought leadership and extensive research into the workplace of the future which included films, photography, infographics and whitepapers. These were seeded to influencers, media and customers pre, during and post event and were housed on a dedicated online portal

“Spotlight live and the overarching comms campaign that Jack Morton created for Konica Minolta not only surpassed our expectations in terms of results but also marks a very proud and unprecedented moment in our history. It has gone on to inspire all events and campaign activities across Konica Minolta globally. The experience that was created even warranted our global CEO Yamana-san to comment on its success.”Stacey Sujeebun, Konica Minolta 2017

Results? KMSpotlight campaign hashtag top trending on Twitter, with 212,000 #kmspotlight posts, 3,000,000 global impressions. 75 articles were written.

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