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The Zalando no store in pop-up format

The Zalando no store in pop-up format

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During a weekend the online fashion store opened an ephemeral store in the center of Madrid. An opportunity to devirtualize and make tangible the positioning of the brand around the freedom to express themselves and show identity through the way of dressing. Under the motto 'free to shop', pop-up opened its doors as more than a point of sale, but as a meeting point where fashion and art go hand in hand when creating a shopping experience where the consumer plays de main role. Of course, there was an opening event where we could learn how the experience of shopping, trends, technology and urban art was integrated in a pop-up without physical garments, but with a very addictive a virtual fitting room.

Based on the person’s likes and preferences, it was offered an immersive shopping experience through a body mapping projection system. This technology allowed to see the designs projected on the body adapting to the movements.

Apart from this virtual fitting room, Zalando’s free to be shop, located in the venue Ciento y Pico, was really an empty place, without any physical product or decorative element, not intended to sold directly, but an open, variable, ephemeral space to capture the concept of freedom and art.

To claim this freedom, three exponents of urban art Mur0ne, Marina Zumi and Grip Face, created three pieces of art inspired by the ‘free to be’ concept. In the store, their murals where projected through light.

Ephemeral store without clothes, but not without its impact on social networks. The artist Ayo Vega was in charge of transferring the concept to an Instagram filter created exclusively, completing the personalization experience through digital environments.

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