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Unexpected surprises … and solutions, at the HP Roadshow in Dubai

Unexpected surprises … and solutions, at the HP Roadshow in Dubai

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In this sector we are used to solving problems, finding alternatives and quickly adapting to unforeseen events. So we are confident that we will reemerge after the storm. This event that we are going to tell you, shows it. Against all odds, show must go on. As every year, for 8 years already, Intracon Events of the Intracon Marketing Solutions agency designs and organizes the HP Partner First Roadshow, an international project in which they take to different cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 21 products so that Its distributors can experience first-hand the operation of each of the teams, and participate in meetings with different people. Everything was thoroughly prepared, but surprises not included in the program, also attended the event. Don´t panic, there is always a solution to keep everything going ... and the result was a success. By Asun Paniagua

This year they started the tour in Dubai, where in addition to organizing the Roadshow, they managed all the activities around it: two gala dinners in the gardens of the Ritz-Carlton Dubai hotel, a welcome dinner on a cruise and a teambuilding activity in the desert. In total, more than 400 people from Central Africa and the Middle East participated.

After many months of preparation, it was time to welcome 258 partners and 70 HP employees and sponsors. During the day the partners attended different sessions where they could learn more about HP products, in addition to participating in the activities and surveys that were launched through the event app, where they obtained points to win prizes. In this event, we bet on innovation and sustainability. They used recycled or recyclable materials, made of cardboard, wood and sustainable ink with an image related to nature, with lanyards made with 100% recycled material.

If unpredicted situations emerge

In Dubai it rains an average of 15 days a year. It is not usual. And the Intracon Marketing Solutions agency was reviewing the weather forecasts carefully, just in case. They saw that the panorama was changing every 4 hours, but for the day of the event everything indicated that they were going to save themselves from the rain, so they continued with the initial plan. Until the unthinkable happened: it began to rain half an hour before the guests of the first gala of the week began to arrive, which promised to be spectacular. An unusual event that has made it clear how important it is to have a good “B” plan or an emergency plan to be able to react quickly to these unforeseen events, which are rare in this destination. While the rain fell without warning, the gala dinner that would take place that same night in the gardens of The Ritz-Carlton, with a large stage, impressive audiovisuals and shows for the attendees … had to be completely changed and in a hurry. Move the set-up (the part that could) and take it to the ballroom inside the hotel, and redesign both the agenda and the concept of the gala. At these times it is important to stay calm, keep a cool head, and above all, count on everyone’s collaboration. And that is what “saved” the event. The great collaboration of the hotel, the AV and decoration providers, the clients and the entire Intracon team made it possible for everything necessary to be moved in record time: welcome notes, vases with lights, candles, cutlery, plates, tablecloths… there were rows of people going up and down stairs carrying material from one place to another without stopping.

Despite the stress and pressure of the moment, everything was prepared for this gala, different from the one that had been designed, but which was finally a success. The classic show must go on materialized with a mentalism show that left the audience speechless, some dancers with clothes made of mirrors that animated the awards ceremony, as well as a harpist and saxophonist who gave you the emotional musical note of the night.

After having overcome this adversity, the second day of the event everything was shot. The calm after the storm allowed the 210 attendees to continue with the program of sessions and the corresponding activities. But no, the shocks were not over yet. There was another unforeseen event to resolve. They were waiting for 95 partners who came from the Central African region, to attend the presentation of the product portfolio and only 25 could arrive, since the rest were trapped in Lagos due to an intense fog that blocked airspace for days. So again we had to adapt to the situation, although with less stress this time. The welcome dinner was held on a boat, and with fewer guests, it became a more intimate, albeit equally fun, event. For the last day of the event, the format was also adapted and made much smaller, making the experience even more personalized and closer.

The second gala dinner in the hotel gardens by the sea was also moved indoors, this time not because of time, but so they had the same experience as the other group. Once the changes were made, the night began with a live band to create a good atmosphere before the shows: belly dancing, dancers and water drums with LED lights, were used to announce the winners and make the awards ceremony.

A desert experience

Touring the desert in a 4×4 through the dunes, enjoying the sunset, and dining in an authentic camp in the middle of the desert, is an experience difficult to forget. And the unforeseen were not lacking either. Something they never imagined, but it happened. On the way to the desert, traffic was stopped because there was a military helicopter in the middle of the road, it was not known why, but after the consequent delay, everything was an anecdote and they were able to reach the desert to live the experience that awaited them there.

A crazy week in Dubai, in which problem solving, responsiveness and excellent collaboration between different teams on site, made these events a success. Due to the circumstance this year it will not be possible to continue with the tour, once again they have had to adapt and a virtual Roadshow of the most dynamic and interactive has been prepared that will take to the houses of more than 5,500 partners and clients who are willing to participate in this Roadshow and obtain their corresponding certification.


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