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Volkswagen Golf 7 lands in Zaragoza

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 From October 4 to November 22, 2012, Volkswagen ´took´ the city of Zaragoza in a macro event managed by Zibert + Friends and locally hosted by ITB dmc, in order to present the seventh generation of Golf.Neus Duran

While the event mobilized half the city, particularly striking was the occupation of the area of the Expo, rented for four months, using spaces such as the Water Tower, the Bridge Pavilion, the Amphitheater or the Zaragoza Conference Centre.

The Expo became the centre for educational sessions, which were structured around a program combining theory with dynamic testing with 120 units of the new Golf. The goal: to provide the attendees a better understanding of the benefits and advantages the new car brings to driving.

24 hours NON STOP

The Germanic precision became essential to manage an event with this many attendees. Salespeople landed daily by groups of 400 people and left the next day at noon, when the new group arrived. All this required a complicated logistics choreography.

Their bags were taken to their hotels, all belonging to Palafox chain: the Iberus, Reina Petronila, and the Alfonso. The fourth, the Tryp Zaragoza, was the headquarter of staff and organizers.

Meanwhile, the group headed by bus to wineries King for a lunch of local cuisine (noodle dishes, rice dishes, Mediterranean dishes). Then they moved to the (themed) congress centre, to attend the opening event.

It consisted of the presentation of the new model with an audiovisual piece following a movie scenario, surrounded by a false road on which the ´mystery car´ appeared and disappeared.

The group climbed to the top floor in elevators that were covered to enhance the element of surprise. Once at the top and after discovering the breathtaking views, the group enjoyed a show cooking and cocktails.

After 40 relaxing minutes up there, they walked down toward the 7th floor. Meanwhile, a DJ went down in the interior of the tower coordinating his music with a light show.

The seventh floor was converted during a month and a half in the ´Club Seven´, a club with dj music, cocktail and a show where dancers and artists would fall from the ceiling. Every night a model of the car, suspended in the concrete walls, came to life thanks to a videomapping.

Around 23h buses took the group to their hotels. After breakfast, attendees left the bags at reception and were taken back to congress and expo area to attend a workshop.

After a mid-morning coffee break, and the second part of the sessions, the participants were taken to the bridge pavilion for a quick closing, when the group moved across the bridge. On the other side the Ebro river buses were waiting to take them to the airport, where they had refreshment and find their bags.


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